Laticrete has launched the Laticrete Product Information App. Free to download and use, the full-service jobsite reference tool kit offers quick and easy retrieval of product information and other invaluable tools from iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. The Laticrete Product Information App can be downloaded at no cost for on-demand, on-the -jobsite product descriptions, packaging details, quick grout coverage estimates and other direct links at your fingertips by .

“Innovation is the fundamental principle that drives Laticrete,” said Henry Rothberg, co-owner of Laticrete. “It’s what we do. Innovation is part of our culture, part of our history, and what drives us to stay on the leading edge of our industry. Lead, not follow. When you lead you have a clear view ahead. The commitment Laticrete has to this philosophy is at the core of our desire to earn your business. This is another service we provide at no cost to benefit the contractor, to benefit the end user. Information at your fingertips, right there on your iPhone - Right now.”

The Laticrete Product Information App currently requires OS version 3.0 or higher, and is presently available worldwide in English only at no cost. The Laticrete Product Information App provides quick and accurate grout coverage estimates for all Laticrete grout products by simply entering the desired product, tile size and grout joint width in both metric and standard measurement units. On the jobsite, away from the computer, the application provides product details, installation guidelines, and direct links to additional documentation on all available products.