Here at Floormaster Systems, we have brought a new advancement to the flooring installation industry by creating an eco-friendly alternative that produces less waste and increases work production to a whole new level. We at Floormaster Systems have mastered the art of flooring by developing projects that increase the efficiency and productivity of flooring companies.

Floormaster 1000 Features

Environmentally Friendly Adhesive: The machine’s companion adhesives are all VOC-compliant. Our choices in adhesives were made with the wish to sustain a healthy environment for the future.

Consistent Adhesive Application: This machine allows for the consistent, even flow of adhesive onto the working material. By having the adhesive evenly dispensed across the board, it also allows for the exceptional transfer of the material onto the sub floor.

Multiple Width Boards: The Floormaster 1000 is flexible enough to work with flooring that is between 1 1/2 -5 inches wide, giving a greater range of flooring to work with and increasing your versatility.

Increased Production: Its ability to increase your production by up to 75% or more comes from the machine’s design that processes and feeds the material in a fast and efficient way. This allows the installer to lay the boards as fast as they can pull the material from the machine. As the material is extracted, the next board is immediately processed and fed, accelerating productivity and increasing profits.

Less Mess: Sets up in minutes. The glue is in a sealed bag and loads in just a few minutes and cleanup is a snap! No more mess, less waste and easy clean up!

See it in Action: A video of the revolutionary Floormaster 1000 adhesive application system can be downloaded and view at It will also be on display in our booth #340 at the NWFA Show in Washington D.C., March 22-25. Further details available from Floormaster Systems by emailing: or call: 845-915-6914.