Walking the isles at Surfaces last month, it was obvious that “green” has finally become mainstream. Floor coverings in all categories are promoting their “greenness,” both in the way they are manufactured and the way they are installed. One major manufacturer unveiled a new campaign that will plant a tree for every bucket of their product that is sold. Another is reclaiming submerged hardwood trees from a reservoir that was long ago flooded. In many diverse ways, all the companies were promoting their commitment to improving the environment. In order to function effectively in this green new world, installers need to understand the latest products and techniques, and how they affect the greenness of the projects they work on. In this issue of Floor Covering Installer, we focus on the green side of installation with several articles devoted to green installation.

One of the key aspects of green installation is indoor air quality. From the dust generated in sanding wood floors to fumes from adhesives and finishes, installers are key in minimizing the harm from these dangerous substances. Columnist Jon Namba offers an in-depth look at indoor air quality issues and how they affect the installation process.

In addition, columnist Christopher Capobianco explains the latest in green installation technology in his “Green Flooring Update.” From the manufacturing process to installation techniques, you may surprised at the “green-ness” of old flooring materials such as linoleum.

Another key aspect of green installation is the way the products are manufactured. In order to gain a greater understand of how product selection can affect the overall “green-ness” of a project, installers need to familiarize themselves with the latest green installation products. In our “Green Installation Resource Guide”, you will find a listing of the latest green installation products from leading manufacturers, a perfect place to start learning about green installation products.

Finally, it’s helpful to learn about projects and initiatives that involve green products and technology. With this in mind, Floor Covering Installer is proud to introduce a new section, “Green Matters,” in print and online, that will be dedicated to everything green in flooring. We hope that our focus on green issues will help you to better understand today’s green installation products and how to install them safely and correctly.