NORDOT® Adhesives #113D and #116F are one-part urethanes which can be used “as is” straight from the pail or you can easily “jobsite customize” (contact us for details) for special and/or difficult situations. They are very strong and tough yet also very flexible even when cold. Both their basic properties when used as a one-part adhesive, plus their changeable properties when a choice of second components are added make them versatile adhesives for many different applications. NORDOT® Adhesives #113D and #116F are low hazard, installer friendly and environmentally friendly. Additionally, they fight mold; do not contain any flammable or toxic solvents; are VOC compliant; have negligible odor; and do not contain water which can cause waste disposal problems. Plus, they weigh only 10 lbs. per gallon, so you don’t need a “Popeye strength arm” to apply them.