Välinge's new 2G plus is a cost-efficient one-piece locking system for long edges that may reduce the material waste by more than 50%, according to the company.

A new one piece angling locking system for the long edges, 2G plus on long edges combined with 5G on short edges provides a cost-efficient locking system with superior strength and easy installation, the company added.

The new locking technology is a result of the overall cost saving project that was presented at Välinge Expo last year and that aims to reduce material cost and energy in flooring production.

2G plus may be produced with a total material waste of about 5 - 6 mm including saw cutting and machining of the panel edges. 200 mm floor panels with the new 2G plus technology may be produced with a total waste of less than 3%. A cost saving of about 3% in a laminate floor with a production cost of 5 EUR/m2 corresponds to 0,15 EUR/m2, the company said.

Välinge will start to implement the new 2G Plus technology immediately.