PAMTite/UX 8012 is a unique, green-friendly thermoplastic adhesive that outperforms construction adhesives with a faster set time, instant green strength/tack, non-toxic chemicals, and no wasted adhesive. These benefits decrease installation time, save money on labor, allow for no wasted adhesive and no breathing of toxic vapors or odors.

Typical construction tube adhesives are difficult to remove after application and have short shelf lives. The PAMTite/Ux 8012 has a long, three-year shelf life and makes it easy to remove bonded substrate. A heat gun allows the installer to replace substrate with no scraping, cleaning or additional PAMTite/UX 8012. By spending money on PAMTite/UX 8012 you save money by never throwing away adhesive. For more information, call (800) 699-2674 or visit