Charles Pruitt, CFI #7882 of Newcastle, OK, passed away in his sleep on Monday at the age of 70.  Previously he was president of the Oklahoma CFI chapter.  

A celebration of his life was held Thursday, March 17 at the Southern Ridge Church of Christ in Newcastle, OK. Memories and condolences can be sent to his wife at 3391 North Meridian, Newcastle, OK 73065.  

Pruitt was a former school teacher, but loved the art of flooring installation, friends recalled.  He had encountered several serious illnesses in the past few years, but continued to work.  His wife said that Charles thought everyone should be CFI and every dealer should support CFI.  

“Charles will be missed by all because he never lost sight of the possibilities that CFI could do great things in the industry,” said Jim Walker, CFI ceo.  “He was one of the most outspoken supporters and did his best to tell everyone the difference a CFI installer can make for the retail community.  Our thoughts are with his family and friends at this time.”