For the past several years, there has been an ongoing “green” revolution that is changing all aspects of the construction industry. Leading the way have been the manufacturers, who have spent millions of dollars developing “greener” products, both in terms of the energy and raw materials used to produce them, and their effect upon the environment after they are installed.

While manufacturers, architects and specifiers seem to be comfortable with all things green, installers have some catching up to do. In preparation for this issue ofFloor Covering Installer, I asked some installers what “green” means to them, and the typical answer I got was that it has to do with the way the flooring and installation products are manufactured. While that description is accurate, there is more to green installation than just choosing the most environmentally conscious products. Work habits such as use of dust filtration systems, properly disposing of waste water, and recycling old flooring also have an important impact on the carbon footprint of an installation, as well as a positive effect on our environment.

With that in mind, this monthFloor Covering Installerpresents its annual “green” issue, featuring the latest environmentally conscious products and techniques to help installers get up to speed on everything related to green installation. CFI Master Installer Dave Garden kicks things off with an in-depth look at “Green Installation Techniques,” ways that installers can reduce their carbon footprint and damage to the environment while improving their profits. Jon Namba tackles a new subject, “Waste Water Disposal,” which has been largely overlooked by many installers. How many times have you seen a new flooring product emblazoned with information on how “green” it is and wondered how environmentally conscious it really is? Christopher Capobianco answers this and other green-related questions in his “Green Resilient Flooring Q&A.”

In addition to these “green” installation-related feature articles, this issue also features a “Green Installation Guide” with full-page articles on the latest “green” installation products and technologies from leading manufacturers. In order to stay on top of all the companies involved with “green” flooring installation products and services, we have also included a “Green Installation Products Guide” that puts all the green information you need all in one place. Finally, rounding out this special issue, we have our “Green Matters” section, which features the latest green-related news.

We hope that you enjoy this special issue ofFloor Covering Installer, and that it will help you to work in a more environmentally conscious way, as well as boosting your bottom line. If there are other green-related subjects you would like to explore, be sure to visit our web site,, where all the past green-related subjects are archived.