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Concrete RH results are even easier with the Rapid RH® 4.0!

The new Rapid RH® 4.0 from Wagner Electronics combines a patented Smart Sensor and a redesigned Easy Reader with patent-pending Touch-n-Sense™ technology for an easy-to-use, accurate RH testing system. Building on the solid, innovative reputation of the Rapid RH®, the Rapid RH® 4.0 has once again proven it is the clearly superior choice for contractors, flooring installers, inspectors and more.


With the new Easy Reader, featuring patent-pending Touch-n-Sense™ technology, the Easy Reader and Smart Sensor go to work on contact. When the bottom of the Easy Reader makes contact with the Smart Sensor, the Easy Reader “comes to life” – turning on, taking a reading and then holding the data display (RH and Temperature) for 5 minutes, even when the Easy Reader is removed from the sensor. With minimal training, any personnel on the job site can take fast, accurate readings.

Plus, each Smart Sensor comes with a NIST-traceable certificate of calibration. The CMOS Sens™ technology insures the Smart Sensors’ accuracy and rapid equilibration, making data records and ASTM calibration compliance assured.


The Rapid RH® 4.0 Smart Sensor, with CMOS Sens™ technology, equilibrates faster than any other sensor on the market once installed, and stays equilibrated because the sensor never leaves the concrete. In most cases, the Smart Sensor will be within 3% of the final reading (at 72 hours according to ASTM F2170) one hour after the installation.

And because each Rapid RH™ 4.0 Smart Sensor stays in the test hole, subsequent readings can be taken at any time with IMMEDIATE results. No additional equilibration time is necessary, making it easy and fast to track the drying progress of the entire slab over hours, days or weeks.


The Rapid RH® 4.0 saves you money IMMEDIATELY. At pennies per square foot, no re-calibration or re-certification issues ever, and with the most rapid readings available, the Wagner Rapid RH™ 4.0 combines low initial investment and the added bonus of significant time savings. Compare the Rapid RH® 4.0 with other relative humidity testing methods and the choice for the Rapid RH® 4.0 becomes very clear.

Easy to use, accurate and affordable, the Rapid RH® 4.0 relative humidity test method  provides unequaled results for testing the relative humidity of concrete slabs.


Stauf Adhesives is the first and only wood floor adhesive manufacturer to introduce a urethane glue that doesn’t contain harmful, complaint-creating, cost-eating isocyanates.

What does that mean for an Installer?

• no more callbacks on etched floor finishes for you to repair or replace

• no more time-eating, profit-busting steps like “clean-as-you-go” for you to follow

• no more wearing ugly urethane adhesive on your hands and arms for weeks after the job

• no more concerns about breathing or absorbing suspicious cancer-causing isocyanates

And best of all- no more dealing with Mrs. Consumer or Mr. Dealer about how you left fingerprints all over the floor, they won’t come off, and now you have to go fix it!

Stauf’s new PUM-950 has greater shear strength than any urethane wood floor adhesive in the industry! It also spreads easier, cleans easier, won’t etch floor finishes, is environmentally approved, and is safer for your health.

You’ll get up to 85 SF per gallon, reducing the amount of glue needed and, most important to installers, the money out of your pocket going for other brands’ higher cost per square foot.

You can use Stauf PUM-950 over any approved sub floor and under any solid or engineered wood floor.

PUM-950 has no water, solvents, or VOC’s in it. It’s non-flammable and ozone friendly. It has strong green-grab, is a wet lay product, and requires no flash time or rolling.

Any adhesive you do happen to get on the finish can be removed with your fingernail when dry. Or the homeowner can clean it with Acetone or Mineral Spirits, even after a year or more!

Visit the Stauf website at www.staufusa.com and read all about the best glue to happen to wood floors in over a decade! You’ll never use another urethane glue once you’ve tried Stauf PUM-950.


Never satisfied with the status quo, W. F. Taylor introduces its new Taylor Meta-Tec® MS-Plus Advance™ Wood Flooring Adhesive. With the introduction of this advanced next generation adhesive, W.F. Taylor has enhanced its highly successful 100% solids Meta-Tec® MS-Plus modified silane polymer Wood Flooring Adhesive to offer even higher performance and greater user friendliness.

In addition to excellent bonding properties for all types of wood flooring and bamboo, Taylor Meta-Tec® MS Plus Advance™ now offers excellent concrete moisture inhibition and sound deadening properties in a single one coat application. Using the Taylor Glide-On™ trowel (available through W.F. Taylor), a single adhesive coat is applied, and the flooring can be immediately laid into the adhesive. This application method saves time and money for the end user while helping to protect the flooring from excessive concrete moisture up to 85% relative humidity. The Glide-On™ application also provides excellent sound inhibition ratings in accordance with ASTM standards Impact Insulation Class (IIC) 66 with ceiling ASTM E 492-04, without ceiling 52 and Sound Transmission Class (STC) with ceiling 65 ASTM E 90-04 and 51 without ceiling.

Further enhancements include extension of the working time of to lay into the adhesive up to 70 minutes dependent on job site conditions. Trowel ridge retention has been improved to create better handling and troweling and improved adhesive transfer to the back of the flooring. This improved MS-Plus ADVANCE™ RHEOLOGY now offered in four gallon pails gives the user the ability to ship 50% more adhesive per pallet, saving on freight and number of units required for the installation.

With these advanced enhancements, Taylor Meta-Tec® MS Plus Advance Wood Flooring Adhesive™ retains all of the outstanding properties that have made it the most advanced wood-flooring adhesive on the market. Taylor Meta-Tec® MS Plus Advance is a 100% solids solvent free, isocyanate free and water free adhesive with exceptional early green grab, and may be used to install all types of wood and bamboo flooring. Meta-Tec MS Plus Advance, along with Taylor 2071 and Taylor 2051, are the only wood flooring adhesives certified by the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute for low VOC’s, thus meeting all indoor air quality requirements, and earning LEED credits.

The inclusion of the patented Meta-Tec® cross-linking chemistry with modified silane polymer moisture cure properties give Taylor MS-Plus Advance™ a unique dual curing system that is unmatched by any other modified silane polymer based products currently on the market.

Taylor continues to be the undisputed leader in flooring adhesive technology, consistently incorporating product performance advancement to offer the installer advantages they need. Visit your Taylor product distributor today! For more information contact W.F. Taylor at 800-868-4583 Ext. 221 or e-mail info@wftaylor.com

New Self-Stick Underlayment Speeds Installation Under Tile and Stone

MP Global Products introduces UltraLayer® Peel & Stick, a high performance self-adhesive acoustic and protective membrane for under ceramic tile, porcelain tile and natural stone. Featuring a self-stick adhesive under a peel-able protective coating, the underlayment installs onto concrete subfloors quickly and smoothly, eliminating need for thinset application, clean-up and dry time. Simply peel off the backing and press the membrane to the subfloor and you’re ready to set tile. This new time- and labor-saving underlayment product is a great choice for use in multi-family housing, high rise condominiums and apartment buildings  and office buildings.

UltraLayer Peel & Stick is made with the same eco-friendly acoustic and insulating technology used in all MP Global Products’ fiber underlayment, including QuietWalk and FiberBacker, and delivers the same type of exceptional performance.

The randomly air-laid filaments create a capillary effect to cushion the floor and absorb both impact and airborne sound, minimizing the transfer of noise to the room below. When used with tile, the elasticity of UltraLayer Peel & Stick resists transferring of lateral concrete subfloor cracks through to the tile above while the insulating R-Value helps keep floors warm in the winter and cool in the summer.  The just-right 0.10” thickness of the underlayment helps smooth out little subfloor imperfections. The high-temperature manufacturing process kills bacteria and fungus, while an EPA registered antimicrobial additive inhibits mold growth and helps prevent dust-mite colonies from developing.

Like most of the company’s fiber padding, UltraLayer Peel & Stick it is a “green” product, made primarily of recycled textile and carpet fibers diverted from landfills. The odorless, hypo-allergenic underlayment is LEED compliant and can contribute to the overall percentage of pre-consumer content for LEED certification in the Materials and Resources category (MR 4.1 and 4.2).

UltraLayer Peel & Stick can also be installed directly over old non-cushioned vinyl or vinyl asbestos tile, eliminating the potential problem of exposing harmful asbestos fibers to the environment. When the product is installed over wood, as per the Tile Conference of America recommendation, the subfloor should meet the industry standard 1 1/8th” thickness. For more information, visit www.quietwalk.com or call 888-379-9695.

ORCON's Seaming System - Now MAINSTREAM/Pinch ‘n' Go with Peak-Buster™

Over the years, one thing remains true when it comes to making long-lasting and seamless seams, it’s doing it right the first time. Over the years, ORCON recognized that customer satisfaction went beyond the installer, but to the homeowner as well. So, if the seam was too obvious, well it simply wasn’t “right.” Ultimately, a seam is still a seam, but it shouldn’t be obvious-it must be strong and inconspicuous. ORCON’s Peak-Buster™ is a thermoplastic glue-stick system to seal cut carpet edges PRIOR to making the seam. This method ensures that the seam is ‘welded’ together, avoiding peaking and hinging. Thanks to the success of ORCON’s Peak-BusterTM the CRI (Carpet and Rug Institute) has now made this method its standard for carpet edge sealing. Follow these steps to help you make better looking and more durable seams:

1. First, use Peak-Buster™ method to seal all cut carpet edges just prior to the seam.

2. Using ORCON’s Kool Top® iron with its deep center groove pinch-close the seam, forcing melted adhesive against the carpet edges, ‘welding’ the seam together.

3. Use the appropriate ORCON roller to force the rest of the adhesive into the carpet backing.

4. Apply a seam weight to cool and set the seam.

Visit www.orcon.com for more tips and information.

The Mercer Commitment

The Mercer Commitment: Five words – Quality, Performance, Delivery, Service and Price. These are the core values of this third generation family business. 

The Mercer Advantage

Mercer Tool Corp is headquartered in Deer Park, New York and has worldwide sales and distribution centers in Fullerton, California and San Juan, Puerto Rico.  The strategic location of these facilities provides an advantage over the competition by allowing Mercer to supply its products to customers for “just-in-time” delivery.

The Mercer Product Line

Mercer Abrasives offers a full line of professional quality floor sanding abrasives for hardwood floors in zirconia and silicon carbide.  Mercer also sets the industry standard for cloth floor sanding discs for surface prep for concrete floors.

PAMTite Adhesive System For Flooring Installers

PAM Fastening Technology released the new PAMTite Adhesive System for use in flooring applications such as carpet tack strip installation, vinyl cove molding, and transition/reducer strip installation.

Traditionally, use of adhesives for these applications required long set times where installers couldn’t move forward with the project until the adhesive had completely cured, which could be anywhere from 2 – 24 hours depending on the adhesive used.

With its 5 minute set time and wide array of compatible substrates it can be used with, the PAMTite Adhesive System outperforms traditional sealants, epoxies and adhesives already used in the flooring industry. The system includes ½” PAMTite Adhesive Glue Sticks and the HB 220 General Purpose Hot Melt Applicator, an industrial strength glue gun with the ability to generate the adhesive temperature necessary to take full advantage of the strengths of PAMTite adhesive.  Sticks and gun are available separately.

The PAMTite Adhesive is a permanent pressure sensitive hot melt adhesive that bonds to a variety of metals, concrete, carpet tack strips, plastics, PVC, EPDM rubber, foils, wood, and other unique substrates. It is clear in color and emits no odors or toxins.

 “Once the product was in the hands of contractors and other installation specialists, we started getting overwhelming feedback and demand for PAMTite,” said PAM Fastening Technology President Ed Minchew. “It’s something not typically seen in flooring installation adhesives…it sets in 5 minutes, yet still creates a stronger bond than competing products.”

PAMTite Adhesive System Facts:

It’s Fast:  Adheres in 5 minutes, meaning it can be used in new installations and in maintenance jobs that are resolved quicker and without closure of public traffic areas as had previously been the case.

It’s Strong: Creates a lasting bond that outperforms other adhesives, sealants, and toxic epoxies in bonding strength.

It’s Environmentally friendly: Zero VOCs are emitted, safe for the user and the public.

No product waste, even after product is opened:  It can be used days and weeks later and bonds will be just as effective as when the stick was first used. This reduces operating cost.

One adhesive system: Use one system quickly for a variety of applications, whereas, in the past, different adhesives or mechanical solutions would be required when a variety of substrates were involved.

Flooring Installation Applications:

PAMTite Adhesive was initially used in the flooring industry to quickly adhere carpet tack strip to concrete. The ability to stretch carpet after 5 minutes saves many man-hours. As installers saw the benefits of fast and strong bonding, they started using it for additional applications…even areas with high foot traffic such as transition and reducer strip installation. 

“Every week, we listen to customers who have used PAMTite for special applications,” said Minchew. “From the guy who uses it for single bathroom tile replacement to the installer who installs small pieces of quarter round in hard to reach areas…there’s always a new and productive use for PAMTite.”


The CHAPCO(R) Surface Preparation product line has been extended to provide you with advanced solutions for all of your flooring prep needs!!  This family of products is high-performing, easy-to-use and provides efficiency with quick installations.  Our new and improved offering consists of CHAPCO’S DEFENDERTM – Moisture Vapor Barrier (addresses moisture issues up to 20 lbs. MVER!), MP Multi-Purpose Primer, QDP Plus Fast-Set Deep Patch, SmoothFinish® Skimcoat, CHAPCO PATCH, high-performing self-leveling underlayments STANDARD SLU, PREMIUM SLU, EXTREME FIBER SLU and ULIMATE WL Wearlayer!

CHOOSE CHAPCO... Same Day Flooring Installation!!

7:00 AM – 8:00 AM: Apply CHAPCO’S DEFENDER Moisture Vapor Barrier    

12:00 PM – 1:00 PM: Apply CHAPCO MP Multi-Purpose Primer   

2:00 PM – 4:00 PM: Install CHAPCO SmoothFinish® Skim Coat

5:00 PM: Begin To Install Floor

Based on 8,000 Sq Ft


Coming in January 2011!


Titebond GREENchoice Helps Flooring Installers Meet Stringent VOC Regulations

Flooring installers who long have relied upon Titebond® adhesives can stick with that trusted brand to meet stringent regulations for VOC levels, too.

Franklin International, makers of Titebond adhesives and sealants, offers a number of green adhesives and other flooring products that easily meet national and global green building VOC standards. These products bear the Titebond GREENchoice™ mark, indicating that they meet VOC regulations established or proposed by LEED (Green Building Standard 189), Green Building Initiative (Green Globes Design Standard) and the National Association of Homebuilders, in conjunction with the International Code Council (National Green Building Standard).

Franklin pioneered the GREENchoice brand of eco-friendly products to provide the construction industry a complete line of green adhesives and sealants that perform as well as their solvent-based counterparts. All GREENchoice products are formulated with environmentally superior technology for the toughest jobs.

Titebond flooring products that merit the GREENchoice insignia include a trio of popular adhesives and a revolutionary sound and moisture control system.

Titebond 811 Advantage Urethane Wood Flooring Adhesive offers a VOC content of only 65 g/L and is ideal for above-, on- and below-grade installations. It is highly resistant to moisture, mold and mildew and allows for easy cleanup to save time on the job.

Titebond 821 Premium Urethane Wood Flooring Adhesive is ideal for installers who want powerful green grab along with advanced green technology. With strong initial grab, Titebond 821 Premium is recommended for use with solid wood, including three-quarter-inch shorts and solid strips one-half inch or less. It has a low VOC content of 77 g/L.

When speed and LEED are of the essence, installers can turn to Titebond 741 Ultimate Wood Flooring Adhesive. This adhesive is comprised of 100 percent solids, containing no water or solvent, and is VOC-free once cured.  And it cures in record time – allowing foot traffic on freshly laid wood floors within only four hours after installation. Most urethane adhesives require 24 hours cure time before floors are used.

All three of these wood flooring adhesives can be used with Titebond 571 Sound & Moisture Control System for on- and above-grade concrete subfloors. Although it costs significantly less, this product is as effective at reducing sound transmission as either a cork or sound underlayment and has the added advantage of keeping out potentially damaging moisture vapor. It achieves an IIC rating of 69 and an STC rating of 66.

Furthermore, Titebond 571 Sound & Moisture Control System includes an extended warranty when used as directed for on- and above-grade concrete subfloors with any of the above wood flooring adhesives – and provides the installer ease of mind over potential damage to either the installation or the environment.

www.titebondgreenchoice.com for more information.


“Split seams” and poor welds are very common in commercial sheet applications. Repairs have always been difficult and inconsistent. TURBO now has a line of specialized tools to make repairs easy and with precision. With 6.5mm welding rod, jobs can now be repaired and saved rather than full replacements. Simply “re-groove” and “re-weld.”

The new TURBO repair tools consist of:

• 6.5 mm TURBO repair groover

• 6.5 mm pull groover (small jobs and touch up)

• 6.5 mm Speed welding tip

• 6.5 mm Super TURBO nozzle

• 6.5 mm TURBO precision nozzle (for heat sensitive material)

• Both Super TURBO nozzle and TURBO precision nozzle can be used with our TURBO roller guide and TURBO caddy (Auto welder).


Pulling out an existing heat weld has never been easier. With the new TURBO repair groover simply push over the old seam (using front forks as a visual guide) and take out existing weld rod to create a fresh 6.5mm groove for new weld. No straight edge or guide is needed.


In the heat welding trade the most difficult areas to weld are without a doubt: flash cove, toe kicks and welding under a suspended cabinet from the floor by about 5 inches.

With our new (L pencil tip) and detail nozzle it is now easy to weld such areas. It works by simply turning your wrist instead of the conventional way, which is: having the big and bulky welding gun in front of you obstructing the view while the welding is taking place, thus, making it a difficult process.


Grooving materials with a cushion backing has been a real problem for all installers up to now. Our new sports turbo groover brings a much needed solution to this problem. The new specialized sports turbo groover will groove these sports flooring materials easily. The installer can apply a lot of weight or very little weight on the groover and the sports turbo groover will still make the same uniform cut every time.


Finally, A Real Solution For Transitioning Curved Floors

Developed for use with hardwood, laminate and engineered wood flooring applications, Flexitions is the solution to installation headaches when dealing with a curve, arch or radius.  And it’s great for style and design as well.  Available in stair nose, t-molding, reducer, threshold and quarter round profiles, Flexitions can be stained and finished to match and or coordinate floor coverings such as wood, laminate, tile, vinyl, stone and more.

Flexitions takes stain just like natural wood and is available in three natural wood grains and textures making for a more natural look and feel when stained and finished.  Flexitions is available in the unfinished form or can be ordered pre-finished in factory-applied colors.  Called Flexitions Fifteen, these standard colors coordinate with the majority of wood flooring sold today.

Voted Best Product in the Molding category of the “National Floor Trends 2008 Styling Excellence Awards,” Flexitions is the solution for challenging flooring installations.  And Flexitions is now a proud brand of Healthier Choice Flooring, a leading producer of premium flooring products with almost 40 years of polyurethane manufacturing experience.

For more information on this unique and exciting product please visit www.flexitions.com or call 1-800-872-8426.