Custom® Building Products has a long, proven history of commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainability. Now Custom has introduced CEG-Lite™ Commercial Epoxy Grout, the latest Custom product to carry its respected Build Green® label.

 A lightweight, 100 percent solids epoxy grout, CEG-Lite is formulated with CustomLite® Technology, using the same recycled content found in Custom’s other lightweight setting materials and making it the first 100 percent solids epoxy grout that contributes to LEED certification based on recycled content.

 Because of its high durability, installations using CEG-Lite as part of a complete system from Custom may have a longer lifespan, thereby reducing materials that end up in landfills when projects are replaced.  And CEG-Lite is sold in both 1- and 2-gallon sizes to help reduce waste.

     But CEG-Lite is more than just an environmentally-responsible epoxy grout.  CEG-Lite represents a breakthrough in epoxy technology, delivering the high stain and chemical resistance professionals expect, combined with handling characteristics and versatility that far surpass other epoxy grouts.  Its innovative formula gives CEG-Lite a smoother, creamier consistency that flows easily into grout joints and works effectively to prevent sag on vertical applications without additives.  It is color-fast, delivers uniform color, and can be used for grout joints ranging in size from 3/4-inch down to 1/16-inch.

Because of its high strength and extreme resistance to acids, alkalies, solvents and other chemicals, CEG-Lite is ideal for heavy-duty applications such as chemical or food processing plants, restaurants or hospitals that CEG-Lite exceeds ANSI A118.3 standards, and can be used with virtually any type of tile.

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