Flooring installers who long have relied upon Titebond® adhesives can stick with that trusted brand to meet stringent regulations for VOC levels, too.

Franklin International, makers of Titebond adhesives and sealants, offers a number of green adhesives and other flooring products that easily meet national and global green building VOC standards. These products bear the Titebond GREENchoice™ mark, indicating that they meet VOC regulations established or proposed by LEED (Green Building Standard 189), Green Building Initiative (Green Globes Design Standard) and the National Association of Homebuilders, in conjunction with the International Code Council (National Green Building Standard).

 Franklin pioneered the GREENchoice brand of eco-friendly products to provide the construction industry a complete line of green adhesives and sealants that perform as well as their solvent-based counterparts. All GREENchoice products are formulated with environmentally superior technology for the toughest jobs.

Titebond flooring products that merit the GREENchoice insignia include a trio of popular adhesives and a revolutionary sound and moisture control system.

Titebond 811 Advantage Urethane Wood Flooring Adhesive offers a VOC content of only 65 g/L and is ideal for above-, on- and below-grade installations. It is highly resistant to moisture, mold and mildew and allows for easy cleanup to save time on the job.

Titebond 821 Premium Urethane Wood Flooring Adhesive is ideal for installers who want powerful green grab along with advanced green technology. With strong initial grab, Titebond 821 Premium is recommended for use with solid wood, including three-quarter-inch shorts and solid strips one-half inch or less. It has a low VOC content of 77 g/L.

When speed and LEED are of the essence, installers can turn to Titebond 741 Ultimate Wood Flooring Adhesive. This adhesive is comprised of 100 percent solids, containing no water or solvent, and is VOC-free once cured.  And it cures in record time – allowing foot traffic on freshly laid wood floors within only four hours after installation. Most urethane adhesives require 24 hours cure time before floors are used.

All three of these wood flooring adhesives can be used with Titebond 571 Sound & Moisture Control System for on- and above-grade concrete subfloors. Although it costs significantly less, this product is as effective at reducing sound transmission as either a cork or sound underlayment and has the added advantage of keeping out potentially damaging moisture vapor. It achieves an IIC rating of 69 and an STC rating of 66.

 Furthermore, Titebond 571 Sound & Moisture Control System includes an extended warranty when used as directed for on- and above-grade concrete subfloors with any of the above wood flooring adhesives – and provides the installer ease of mind over potential damage to either the installation or the environment.

Visit www.titebondgreenchoice.com for more information.