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Phone: (724) 203-5000

Type of Green Products:  Substrate Preparation, Concrete Restoration & Repair, Concrete Toppings and Tile & Stone Installation with GreenLine™ Environmental Technology

Bona US


Phone: (303) 923-6685

Type of Green Products:All of these categories are GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified – except where noted it has met the additional criteria of being GREENGUARD Children & Schools Indoor Air Quality Certified: Adhesives, Sealers, Finishes, Recoat Systems, Filler, Maintenance products (GREENGUARD C&S), Dust containment machines, Sanding machines, Edgers, Buffers Abrasives, Sport Finishes (GREENGUARD C&S)

Green Product Brands Names:Bona R851 Adhesive, Bona R850T Adhesive, Bona AmberSeal™, Bona DTS®, Bonaseal®, Bona Naturale®, Bona Traffic® Anti-Slip, Bona Traffic®, Bona Mega®, Bona Mega Booster™, Bona Novia®, Bona Prep®, Bona Pacific Filler®, Bona Professional Series Cleaner, Bona® Portable Dust Containment System, Bona® Atomic Trailer®, Bona® Belt, Bona® Edge, Bona® Edge XL, Bona® Mini Edge, Bona® DCS® Buffer, Bona® Blue Anti-Static Abrasives, Bona Sportive™, Bona Sportive™ 1K™



Phone: (978) 750-7321

Type of Green Products: Setting MaterialsGreen Product Brand Names: Ultra-Set® SingleStep™ Wood Flooring Adhesive, Moisture Protection & Sound Reduction Membrane; TruColor Pre-Mixed Grout; GreenFusion2™ Rubber Flooring Adhesive

Custom Building Products

Phone: (800) 272-8786


Type of Green Products: Adhesives, Grouts, Mortars, UnderlaymentsGreen Product Brand Names: CEG-Lite Comemrcial Epoxy Grout; EBM-Lite Epoxy Bonding Mortar; EasyMat Tile & Stone Underlayment; LevelLite Self-Leveling Underlayment; OmniGrip Maximum Tile Adhesive; MegaLite and MegaLite Rapid Set Crack Prevention Mortar; ProLite and ProLite Rapid Set Tile & Stone Mortar; Prism Surecolor Grout

DriTac Flooring Products


Phone: (973) 614-9000 ext 243

Type of Green Products:Wood Flooring Adhesives, Concrete Sealers, Installation ProductsGreen Product Brand Names:DriTac 1001 All-In-One, DriTac Ultimate, DriTac 7700 Easy Clean, DriTac 9200 Fastac, DriTac 7500 Eco-Urethane, DriTac MES 7000 Eco-Seal, DriTac Eco-8000 Moisture Guard, DriTac Eco-6200GR

ECORE International


Phone: (866) 326-5712

Type of Green Products: recycled rubber sound control underlayments Green Product Brands Names: QTscu (patent no. RE 41,945) and QTrbm

Franklin International


Phone: (614) 445-1507

Type of Green Products: Wood Flooring Adhesives, Moisture Control Systems, Caulks, Sealants, Construction AdhesivesGreen Product Brand Names: Titebond; Greenchoice

WW Henry


Phone: (724) 203-5000

Type of Green Products: Flooring Adhesive

Green Product Brands Names:HENRY® 430 Clear Pro™ Clear VCT  Flooring AdhesiveHENRY® 640 VinylLock™ Pressure Sensitive Vinyl Flooring Adhesive

LATICRETE International, Inc.


Phone: (800) 243-4788

Type of Green Products:Adhesives, Thin-set Mortars, Crack Suppression, Sound Control, Grouts, Underlayments, Waterproofing Membranes

Green Product Brands Names:LATICRETE® SpectraLOCK® PRO PREMIUM Grout*, LATICRETE SpectraLOCK PRO Grout, LATICRETE SpectraLOCK 2000 IG, LATICRETE Glass Tile Adhesive; LATICRETE Hydro Ban™, LATICRETE 125 Sound & Crack Adhesive, LATICRETE 254 Platinum, LATICRETE 255 MultiMax™, LATICRETE PermaColor™ Grout, LATICRETE 9235 Waterproofing Membrane, LATICRETE 86 LatiLevel™, LATICRETE 3701 Fortified Mortar Bed, LATICRETE 3701 Mortar Admix/LATICRETE 226 Thick Bed Mortar, LATAPOXY 300 Adhesive, LATICRETE Hydro Barrier™, LATICRETE Sure Set™ , LATICRETE 253 Gold, LATICRETE 252 Silver, LATICRETE 272 Mortar, LATICRETE 317 Mortar, LATICRETE 220 Marble & Granite Mortar, LATICRETE 1776 Grout Enhancer, LATICRETE 1500 Sanded GroutLATICRETE 1600 Unsanded Grout,  LATICRETE Blue 92 Anti-Fracture, Membrane/LATICRETE Crack Suppression Kit, LATAPOXY® 312 Vapor Reduction Membrane

MAPEI Corporation


 Phone: (954) 246-8799

Type of Green Products:Floor Covering Installation Systems (FCIS)

Green Product Brands Names:Ultrabond ECO 995 premium moisture-control, sound-reduction and wood-flooring adhesive; Ultrabond ECO 985 hybrid-polymer-based, moisture-control and sound-reducing wood-flooring adhesive Ultrabond ECO 975 professional urethane engineered-wood-flooring adhesive; Ultrabond ECO 885 premium polyolefin-backed carpet adhesive; Ultrabond ECO 810 professional carpet tile adhesive

Maxxon Corporation


Phone: (800) 356-7887

Type of Green Products:Underlayments and Sound Control Mats

Green Product Brands Names:Acousti-Mat®, Gyp-Crete 2000®/3.2K, Level-Right®, Therma-Floor®Dura-Cap®, Commercial Topping®

MP Global Products


Phone: (888) 379-9695

Type of Green Products:Underlayment

Green Products Brand Names:QuietWalk, QuietWarmth, Insulayment, FiberBacker

QEP Company


Phone: (561-994-5550

Type of Green Products: Cork Underlayment, Engineered and Solid Wood Floors, Wood Flooring Adhesive, Wall Base Adhesive, Felt-Back Sheet Vinyl Adhesive, Carpet Seam Sealer, VCT Adhesive, Carpet & Felt-Back Sheet Vinyl Adhesive, Carpet Adhesive, Indoor/Outdoor Carpet Adhesive, Vinyl Flooring Adhesive, Fiberglass Sheet Vinyl Adhesive

Green Products Brand Names: Roberts, Harris Wood, QEP, Capitol Roberts latest introduction in our Green Products are the R1509 Solid Wood and Bamboo Flooring Adhesive, R1530 All-in-One Sound Barrier/Moisture Barrier/Wood Flooring Adhesive and the R7901 Acrylic Vinyl Flooring Adhesive for solid vinyl tile and plank.


RB Rubber Products


Phone: (800) 525-5530

Type of Green Products:Flooring, underlayment

Green Product Brands Names: RB Silent Tread, RB Silient Tread XL

Stauf Adhesives


Phone: (901) 230-1818

Type of Green Products:Wood Floor Adhesives, Sealers, Primers, Patching and Leveling Compounds

Green Product Brand Names: M2A-900 Eco-Mastic; SMP-940 Superior; PUM-950 Power Mastic; SMP-960 One-Step

UFLOOR Systems, Inc.


Phone: (866) 505-4810

Type of Green Products: Flooring Adhesives & Sealants, Moisture Mitigation Sealers, Wood Floor Sealers & Finishes, Hardwood Floor Care

Green Product Brands Names: UZIN® - MK 92 S Adhesive; MK 95 Adhesive; MK 97 Adhesive; MK 200 Adhesive; PE 260 Primer; PE 414 Turbo Primer; PE 480 Moisture Barrier Sealer PALLMANN® - Pall-X Bond Recoat Adhesion System; Pall-X 325 Waterborne Sealer; Pall-X 340 Waterborne Sealer; Pall-X 96 Waterborne Finish; Pall-X 98 Waterborne Finish; Magic Oil 2K Finish, Pallmann Hardwood Floor Cleaner

WF Taylor Co., Inc.


Phone: (951) 968-7087

Type of Green Products:Flooring Adhesives

Green Product Brands Names:EnviroTec® Lines, Meta-Tec® Lines