The National Wood Flooring Association has hired Michael Martin as chief operating officer.  This is a new position with the association that was created to transition Martin into the chief executive officer role with the retirement of executive director/ceo, Ed Korczak, at the end of 2011.  Korczak has served the NWFA in this capacity since 1994.  Martin will join the NWFA on February 21 and will work side-by-side with Korczak for the remainder of the year.

Martin served as a vice president of the National Association of Electrical Distributors for the past 13 years, where he helped develop the association’s strategic direction and budget.  One of his primary functions within this role was to serve as publisher of The Electrical Distributor (TED) Magazine.  He also was responsible for overseeing the association’s websites, communications, and public relations.

NWFA Chairman, Neil Poland, states that Martin “was selected from more than 65 highly qualified candidates.  Our Board assembled a search committee to review, screen, and interview candidates during the past year, and the decision to hire Michael was unanimous.  Michael convinced us that he is a very progressive thinker with a high energy level who can lead the NWFA to further growth in the future.”

Korczak stresses that Martin “has a very strong association background that will help make my transition to retirement less of an interruption to the daily operations of the NWFA.  In addition, he also brings a wealth of other experience to the NWFA, including roles as a speaker, meeting planner, and convention manager.”

Martin commented that he is excited about the new opportunity.  “I look forward to working with Ed during the year learning about a new industry, as well as meeting and working with our members, as I prepare to take the helm.”