The National Tile Contractors Association (NTCA) has elected Nyle Wadford of Neuse Tile as its new President for the 2010-2012 term. He was elected to serve as the Association’s New President during the very successful Total Solutions Plus Conference which took place this past November in Naples, Florida. Wadford will replace John Cox, who served as president from 2008-2010.

Wadford has been in the tile industry since he “helped out” on installations when he was in grade school. After hauling many mud buckets and being on job-site meetings since then, he now is the primary commercial estimator and technical expert for Neuse Tile Service in Youngsville, NC. He has always valued learning from others in the industry and has been instrumental in the company's active participation in trade associations. A member of NTCA for over 25 years, Neuse Tile Service has received both local and national recognition for its tile work and unselfish industry contributions. Nyle became the company's president in 1987 and was joined by his sister, Paige, in 1995, who became vice president. Today, the two run the company with the same level of high integrity as their father did, before they took over the reins.

As Vice Chairman of the NTCA’s Technical Committee; a Handbook Committee Member of the Tile Council of North America; and Vice Chairman of the ANSI ASC A108 Committee, Wadford has played an active role in shaping the direction of the NTCA for several years. He will now oversee the Executive Committee and Board of Directors, while working directly with the staff to ensure the goals of the NTCA are implemented during his two-year term.

“When we became members of this Association,” Wadford commented, “I never dreamed I would have the good fortune to one day become its president. My involvement with the National Tile Contractors Association has led me to greater knowledge and understanding of integral components of our industry. It has given me a first-hand view of the leadership that facilitates that as well as tremendous friendships through the industry networking that is the backbone of our association. I am truly honored to be a part of the leadership team and look forward to assisting in the guidance of our association for the benefit of all members."