Recently, INSTALL Minnesota hosted Flexco Flooring for a training seminar to introduce the company’s new Health Design base. Flexco's technical and education specialist Brent Fike and midwest sales manager Jeff Tolle joined INSTALL Minnesota instructors Chris Favreau and Kelly Bakke to present the information. INSTALL flooring professionals and contractors received product information and observed a hands-on demonstration of this product, which is specified as an alternative to flash coving.

Next, INSTALL Minnesota hosted a Forbo Associate Mechanics Training session January 10th- 14th 2011. Forbo's technical representative Ray Gettleman and sales representative Marty Hayford worked with Favreau and Bakke to present this certification class by demonstrating the product and overseeing hands-on installation skills. Earning the Forbo Associate Mechanic certification is important because many project managers require that contractors have certified professionals as employees before they are awarded jobs that will be using Forbo flooring.

“It's crucial that our floorcovering professionals remain up-to-date on all of the latest products and installation methods that are being introduced to the industry, so that our contractors are continually supplied with the best-trained installers in Minnesota,” said INSTALL Minnesota's coordinator, Terry Nali. For more information about INSTALL Minnesota, visit