The International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI) offers a Concrete Slab Moisture Testing Technician Certification Program. The certification was developed specifically to review ASTM test methods in detail and explain exactly what is necessary to achieve accurate results and how to read them.

The full two-day program consists of a three-hour seminar and one-hour written exam the first day, followed by a performance exam where each applicant must actually perform each of the tests in front of a judge on the second day. Those who are interested in the information but do not intend to perform the tests themselves can choose to take the first day only for educational purposes.

"Even if you're not the one performing the tests, the information we cover is helpful to those involved in looking at the data and making a decision on whether or not to install the flooring," said Scott Tarr, PE, director of the program. "While the program doesn't guarantee those who pass will always perform the tests correctly, it does ensure they know how to properly conduct the tests and what the results actually mean."

"One of our recommendations is that architects specify that this testing be performed by certified technicians just like other concrete testing. We are starting to see this in some specifications and believe it will help provide better consistency and reliability in the test data," he added.

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