The Alliance for Free Choice and Jobs in Flooring (AFCJF) has published a schedule of key dates and events for those interested in the China engineered flooring antidumping case being investigated by the International Trade Commission (ITC) and the Department of Commerce (DOC). 

The DOC has completed the verification process for the mandatories, and continues to receive briefs and information from both sides regarding final surrogate values and other legal and economic points. The ITC is reviewing responses to the industry questionnaires. Countervailing duty collection has been suspended, but antidumping duties are still being collected. The collection/suspension is part of the natural timing of the cases and does not reflect any final decisions.

The Hardwood Federation has scheduled a Fly-In forOct. 4-5in Washington, D.C. While the event is not specifically related to the case, "it is a good experience in learning about the political process and is an opportunity to meet your congressional respresentatives," according to the AFCJF.

OnOct. 12final numbers will be announced, which will reflect the new countervailing and antidumping rates. The countervailing duties will not begin until after the ITC finalizes the order. However, the new AD rate will be applied as soon as the announcement appears in the federal registrar. The date also coincides with the ITC final hearing in D.C.

AroundNov. 20,the ITC will announce its final decision. If the decision is negative, all duties will be returned and no further special duties will be in play. If the ITC affirms the petition, rates will be continue to be collected at the final numbers previously announced on Oct. 12, assuming there are no appeals or corrective actions filed.