LSI floors, a manufacturer of luxury vinyl tiles and planks, and Bolyu, the contract commercial carpet maker, have announced a joint distribution agreement. This agreement will "see the full weight of the Bolyu sales network support the sales and distribution of LSI floors throughout the US," according to the companies.

Rick Moffat, LSI floors creative director and founder, explained, “This alliance expands the possibilities available to the specifier and simplifies the sourcing process by providing a single resource for the two most critical flooring materials in any installation.”

The LSI floor products have the option to match the carpet tile in thickness and scale making the two materials simple to integrate into multi-function areas where both materials are required to serve the needs of the facility. Joint presentation materials will be available shortly to highlight the complementary color and patterns of the two lines.

“Our sales network is excited about the expanded product line available to our client base. The addition of an elegant, high designed vinyl tile offering that complements our Bolyu brand allows our specifying community to resolve more needs with one phone call or one meeting. In this move we have increased the service we provide to our clients, thus increasing our position as a valued resource,” noted Glenn King, Bolyu vp marketing.