David Rothberg, CEO/Chairman, takes charge of the 2011 Laticrete exhibit for Bethany Earth Day.

Laticrete once again joined in to sponsor the fifth-annual Bethany Earth Day celebration on Saturday, April 9 at Bethany, CT Town Hall. Bethany Earth Day has grown each year with more and more exhibitors joining the festivities in an effort to promote renewable energy resources, sustainable products, and an overall commitment to preserving the Earth for future generations.

Bethany Earth Day is part of a community-based initiative spearheaded by the Bethany Clean Energy Task Force that meets once each month to discuss the town’s current status and future goals for using clean energy sources for Bethany. The not-for-profit committee was established in 2005 with the goal of making at least 20 percent of the town’s municipal energy purchases from clean energy sources. In addition to mapping out plans for Bethany, the committee helps put together and organize Bethany Earth Day each spring at Town Hall. Community businesses and manufacturers, like Laticrete, each set up a small exhibit with representatives available to explain how they contribute to supporting the preservation of the Earth for future generations.