Brenda Kubasta

Brenda Kubasta, current president of Oshkosh Designs, has attained ownership of the brand and all of its assets effective April 14, 2011.

Brenda has held the position of President with Oshkosh Designs, dba Oshkosh Floor Designs, for the last six years and has an extreme passion for the Oshkosh Designs brand. This passion has driven her to move into the position of sole ownership of the Oshkosh Designs brand, the company said.  Oshkosh Designs, now dba Oshkosh Floor Designs Acquisition LLC, will continue to do business out of the Winneconne, WI manufacturing facility with Brenda remaining in the position of President/CEO.

“I have always found this product line to be exhilarating,” commented new owner/president Brenda Kubasta. “For the last 20 years this company has been making it happen for our customers. It was of utmost importance this acquisition did not affect our customers or production of product in any way, and we are pleased to say it did not.”

When asked about the future plans for Oshkosh Designs Kubasta replied, “We plan on continuing to be the go-to decorative flooring experts. Our customers rely on our knowledge of parquet and inlay and our unrivaled lead times. The company’s core competencies remain the same and the Oshkosh Designs team of master artisans continues to produce beautiful parquet and inlay. This acquisition will allow us to remain competitive in today’s market and continue to grow our brand and product offerings.”