Floor Covering Installer presents its annual “Spotlight Showcases,” highlighting the latest installation products.

Innovation Doesn't Get Any Sharper: Personna Launches Innovative Carpet Tools

With a long heritage of making the world’s best carpet blades, Personna now offers a new line of installation tools developed with and for professionals. With innovative designs and features, the Personna Pro line provides installers with the same quality as they’ve come to expect from Personna Carpet Blades.

With new ergonomic handles, the Personna Pro Loop Pile and Cushion Back Cutters offer greater hand-to-tool contact for better control, a d-ring tightener to keep the blades securely in place and greater comfort when used to cut long seams. Our cutters are also riveted, not spot welded for better durability.

The Personna Pro Smooth and Star Seam Rollers were developed with ergonomic handles which are made with perfectly placed thumb grips for better comfort and added control. The frames are cast, not welded, for durability and long life. The end caps can be removed for cleaning.

The Personna Pro Folding Carpet knife has a unique folding design and blade holding mechanism that keep the blade stiff and rigid for precise cutting. A quick change design also allows the user to change blades or turn blades quickly.

The Personna Pro Glue Gun is a Quick Heat design, heating to over 380 degrees in two minutes. With two thermisters, the gun also regulates and holds the heat very precisely to allow for work time after the gun is unplugged. The Personna Pro Glue Gun can dispense four lbs. of glue in one hour precisely where you need it!

The Personna Pro Knee Kicker has an extra thick pad to make the tough job of carpet kicking easier. With a simple one hand adjustment mechanism, the length can be changed to accommodate any user. The speed turn knob extends and retracts the pins quickly and easily. Powder coated for durability.

The Personna Pro Heat Bond Iron has a specially designed bottom to allow the end user to put adhesive where it is needed most, in the center of the seam. The coated bottom is grooved for superior performance. The iron also has a thermostat system that regulates the heat to a range of 30 degrees. With four separate settings, you can find the temperature you need and keep it there.

Personna stands behind all of our new tools. All tools in the Personna Pro line come with a three Year Warranty. Make sure to check out the entire line up of Personna Pro Carpet Tools at your local Personna Dealer or call (800) 336-4061 to find a dealer near you.

For more information, visit www.personnablades.com .

APAC Brand Is Making Great Strides in the Flooring Market

The new branding of the APAC product line has been an outstanding success, resulting in new distributors signing on as well as existing customers significantly increasing their sales.  They all report that the value proposition the APAC product line brings to the market is much needed and easy to communicate to contractors.  This fact was solidly reinforced when APAC products were accepted into the Starnet commercial flooring contractor organization, highlighting their value to this customer base.

  According to Jeff Johnson, Business Marketing Manager for Floor Covering Installation Systems, “the APAC brand is robust enough to stand as either a distributor’s premiere product offering or a value-added secondary lineup, and it offers a unique positioning strategy that clearly differentiates APAC from the rest of the field.”

The APAC product line brings to market high-performance products for virtually every floor covering installation requirement, including products for subfloor preparation and moisture control; adhesives for carpet, resilient and wood, as well as a variety of flooring installation accessories.  APAC has built its reputation on products like APAC 440 Supreme Multipurpose Carpet Adhesive, APAC 610 Pressure Sensitive Carpet Tile Adhesive, APAC 750 Cove Base Adhesive, APAC 530 Clear Thin Spread Vinyl Composition Tile Adhesive and APAC 999 3-in-1 Urethane Wood Flooring Adhesive.  

APAC is also well known for its four technology icons that support its product portfolio:

1. ECOlogical (for low VOC, CRI Green Label Plus-certified products)

2. ECOprotek (APAC’s proprietary mold and mildew preventative)

3.VAPORmaster (for products designated for use over high-moisture-content concrete substrates)

4. CLASSIC (for products that contain a slight amount of solvent but are still compliant with South Coast Air Quality Management District guidelines).  

Promotional support of the brand this year includes the APAC Classic Performance Sweepstakes, in which contractors register game pieces online for a chance to win great prizes including the Grand Prize of a custom classic performance motorcycle created by Demon’s Cycles of Pompano Beach, Florida.  The motorcycle winner will be announced at Surfaces 2012, where both the winner’s name and the motorcycle will be on display at APAC’s booth #B3355.  Make sure to put APAC on your “must see” list for Surfaces 2012.

Custom Building Products unveils CUSTOM Technical University

Custom Building Products, a leading manufacturer of tile and stone installation systems in North America, plans to unveil a new facility, CUSTOM Technical University (CTU), in Q1 2012.  

The 12,000 square-foot-plus facility, based in Santa Fe Springs, Calif., will offer a wealth of information resources and host a broad range of events, including industry committee meetings, trade association events and trade technical presentations developed specifically for the contractor. CTU will also provide Continuing Education Seminar (CES) programs for accrediting members of the architectural community.

CUSTOM Technical University will be a unique venue for discussions, lectures and training programs. David deBear, Manager of Construction Services has been a long time proponent of the field training programs for Custom Building Products and has been a key player within CBP’s training development team to foster proper curriculum structure and information integration for our valued contractors. The experienced team of Architectural Consultants and Technical Service Representatives along with Mike Micalizzi, CBP’s Technical Services Director developed customized content that will focus on the latest industry standards, guidelines, installation techniques, new products and best practices for the contractor, distributor, architect, design and engineering communities.

The new facility, designed by Ware Malcomb, a renowned architectural firm and winner of two of the 2011 SMPS awards, will house state-of-the-art facilities, including a product applications room where attendees will have the opportunity to use and apply materials and methods discussed in the various programs. Laboratory tours of Custom Building Products’ Research & Development facility will also be available, affording guests the opportunity to ask questions and interact with some of the brightest chemists in the industry.

“CTU will be a networking environment where visitors can share and gain insight, keep track of the latest and greatest technology, standards, techniques and best practices. It’s about learning from one’s colleagues.” says White.  “This is an industry that’s constantly changing, and CTU will be a place where you can stay informed and connected.”

For more information on the company’s broad family of quality tile and stone installation products, call (800) 272-8786 or visit www.custombuildingproducts.com .

Floor Dot Corp: Your Source for Professional Blades and Knives

Floor Dot Corp. competitively offers the highest quality blades and knives for the most demanding flooring installer. By using high-carbon steel, Swiss sharpening techniques, and safety dispensers, a premium product is offered to the professional trades.

Independent cutting tests have shown that Floor Dot Blades will last 30-50% longer than any other blades cutting Action Back Carpets.

Floor Dot Corp. also offers German steel forged scissors to the professional carpet installer at competitive prices. Italian craftsmanship and high-carbon steel guarantee a superior and longer lasting scissor for carpet cutting and seam trimming.

For more information on Floor Dot blades, knives and scissors, please contact your local distributor, and also visit us at www.floordot.com .

We Know Heat Welding

Turbo Plane

Our exclusive design cuts weld rod in one pass. Simply push the Turbo Plane forward and it makes your first and final trim cuts at one time. Its adjusting feature guarantees a smooth and flush finish every time. DO NOT USE ON WARM MATERIALS! Our Turbo Plane can now be operated in a walking position by simply using our optional handle.

Sports Turbo Groover

Grooving materials with a cushion backing has been a real problem for all installers up to now. Our new Sports Turbo Groover brings a much needed solution to this problem.  The new specialized Sports Turbo Groover will groove these sports flooring materials easily. The installer can apply a lot of weight or very little weight on the groover and the Sports Turbo Groover will still make the same uniform cut every time.

L Welding System

Introducing a new welding system that works by simply turning your wrist. With our new and exclusive L pencil tip and detail nozzle, you can now weld flash coving and toe kicks with ease. Our detail nozzle is very user friendly and it allows you to weld coving slowly with out scorching the flooring surface. Thanks to our new L pencil tip you can even weld under a suspended cabinet from the floor by about 5”.

See these tools in action at Surfaces 2012, Booth B4193. For more information, call (714) 522-4290 or visit www.turboheatweldingtools.com .

MAPEI Helps Complete the Mansueto Library for Researchers

At a time when many universities have been turning their collections over to the Google Books mass digitization project, the University of Chicago has opted to build a radical new archive-and-retrieval system for researchers at the Joe and Rika Mansueto Library on its campus.

Construction workers began by digging a sixty-foot hole in the ground next door to the existing Regenstein Library. In this “underground” area, teams constructed an automated archive and retrieval system that can house nearly 3.5 million books and other printed items. Fifty-foot-tall cranes retrieve the items held in bins set along the shelving that extends five stories below ground. Researchers receive their requested items from librarians who operate the system through the use of bar code technology combined with customized software.

A construction problem occurred when an 8.5-inch thick lightweight concrete slab was poured in place to serve as the base for the single above-ground story of the library. When it came time to install the wooden flooring, the concrete still had readings of 100% RH (relative humidity).

Mr. David’s Flooring International consulted with MAPEI to determine how best to reduce the moisture and move the project forward. Planiseal™ EMB epoxy moisture barrier was the answer. It is designed to reduce moisture transmission rates on concrete slabs with up to 25 lbs. MVER (moisture vapor emission rate) and 100% RH when applied in an 18-mil thickness. MAPEI’s Field Technical Consultant trained the Mr. David’s team and certified them in the use of Planiseal EMB. That same day they began coating the entire 15,000 square-foot substrate with Planiseal EMB to greatly reduce the porosity of the slab and bring it within required specifications.

Mr. David’s crew then pumped MAPEI’s Ultraplan® M20 Plus over the concrete. This quick-setting, high-compressive strength self-leveling underlayment produced an ultra-smooth surface for installing the wood flooring. As an extra layer of defense against moisture intrusion, Mr. David’s crew installed the sound-reduction mats beneath the wood with Ultrabond ECO® 995, a multi-functional eco-friendly wood adhesive that also acts as a moisture reduction barrier.

With the help of new products from MAPEI, Mr. David’s Flooring was able to resolve a serious problem and bring the construction of the library to a close, allowing Mansueto Library to open its “automated” doors to researchers on the University of Chicago campus and around the world.

ProKnee unveils new Kneepad Insert Protection and Treadman cutting system

ProKnee® has introduced Flexible Polymer Insert Protection for its kneepads, and has unveiled its new patent pending Multi-Angle Stairtread Cutting System called Treadman™.

ProKnee® was originally developed and patented in 1989 and is still the only kneepad of its kind. Over 17 years of customer feedback and actual field testing led to the now patented Model 07 kneepad that is filled with improvements and new innovations. Being offered in a 5/8” or 1” thick insert cushion with 17 sizes in each thickness assures you the comfort level you desire.

New Process Developed

Five years after the introduction of the Model 07, ProKnee® is now ready to unveil its latest kneepad innovation in which the complete edge of the insert cushion has been coated with a specially formulated Flexible Polymer Resin.  This two-step process gives you a coating which allows the edges of the insert to become much more abrasive resistant when put through the demands of everyday use.

Our intentions are to give you the benefits and performance in our kneepads that you will not find in any other kneepads on today’s market.

Also new from ProKnee® is the Treadman™, the multi-angle stairtread cutting system.  

This tool offers you the ability to easily set then cut all dimensions from step to stairtread whether they are the newer 1 pc Step/Riser treads or the standard treads.  With all of its accessories, Treadman™ is sure to make a pro out of anyone.

Features include a self-lubricating adjustment bar attached to an aluminum frame using a positive lock mechanism to secure any width needed.  Automatic spring loaded plate adjustment guarantees locked in finely tuned angles.  Ergonomic knob layout is easy for all size hands.  Machine quality plates with sure grip surfaces assure accuracy every time.  Even the optional tool box has a job.  In seconds this box goes from Treadman™ storage to blade-loving cutting surface.

Treadman™ and all of its accessories offer you the standard unit widths from 35 ¼” to 61 ½”, Extension Kit 1 widths from 4’ 8 7/8” to 6’ 11”, Extension Kit 2 widths from 6’ 10 3/8” to 9’ ½”, Extension Kit 3 widths from 22 ½” to 36”.  Please note that all extension kits use parts from the standard unit.  The 1 pc Step/Riser Template Kit includes 1- 2”x5” machined scribing bar, left and right peel ‘n stick templates and 1 roll of 2” low tac tape.  

Complete instructions for use of the Treadman™ and its accessories can be viewed at www.proknee.com . Questions about ProKnee® insert innovations or Treadman™ can be answered by calling ProKnee Corporation at (800) 549-5018.

It'll Grab You and Won't Let Go!

Stauf WFR-930 Solva-Mastic is the only wood floor adhesive that has the instant grab and permanent bond installers need to successfully install wood floors!

Created long before the EPA-banned the Tri-Chlorinated solvent adhesives that every installer used (think Bruce LP or Brink 101), Stauf removed their harmful environmental and cancer-causing ingredients and created a glue that works just like the original, superior adhesives. And it meets all health and environmental requirements in the U.S. and Europe.

Installers choose it for its quick grab, its permanent bond and shear strength, its easy spread and clean-up, and the fact that it doesn’t etch the floor’s finish.

But installers will swear by it because it virtually eliminates hollow spots. No more expensive, irritating call-backs!

Stauf offers a full performance warranty, not just the typical ‘This product is warranted to be good stuff when we ship it’ type product warranty.

WFR-930 comes in a metal, re-sealable pail that means installers can use ALL the glue, even next week or next month, without having to throw away the ‘frisbee’ that forms in the pail. Installer glue cost is thus a lot less.

Stauf WFR-930 Solva-Mastic- What all wood floor adhesives wish they could be!

For more information, visit www.staufusa.com or call (901) 820-0007.

Taylor Introduces Meta-Tec® MS-Plus Resilient MBA™ (Moisture Barrier Adhesive) for Resilient Flooring

Capitalizing on the tremendous success of Taylor’s Meta-Tec® MS-Plus Advance Wood Flooring Adhesive in replacing archaic urethane adhesives, Taylor now introduces Met-Tec® MS-Plus MBA™  Resilient Adhesive, a true environmentally safe 100% solids solvent & isocyanate-free one-component modified silane polymer moisture barrier adhesive to replace two part urethanes and epoxies in the resilient flooring market. MS-Plus Resilient MBA™  is designed to efficiently install a broad range of vinyl, rubber, fiberglass and polyolefin backed resilient flooring products, as well as recycled content products, over both porous and non-porous surfaces.

MS-Plus Resilient MBA™ , a Class 1 vapor barrier, features lower permeability by far than any urethane adhesive on the market, with perm ratings ranging from 2 ½ to over 5 times lower than the leading urethane products. MS-Plus Resilient MBA™  withstands maximum moisture levels of 10 lbs and 90%RH and is unaffected by concrete slab alkalinity.  

Following Taylor’s well established path of safe environmentally focused products, Meta-Tec®  MS-Plus Resilient MBA™  uses Bio-Renewable raw materials and is GREENGUARD®  certified for low VOC content, ensuring good indoor air quality. MS-Plus Resilient MBA™ also contains Meta-Sept® , a proprietary anti-microbial agent that protects against the growth of bacteria, mold, mildew and fungi.

Elimination of the need to mix two components and no unused mixed adhesive discards makes MS-Plus Resilient MBA™  an easy to use, time and money saving choice. Since the adhesive is self-leveling, back rolling of the adhesive is not necessary, thus giving smooth installations of all types of resilient sheet goods. Rapid strength build, excellent plasticizer migration resistance and a waterproof cured bond provide speedy and secure installations.

MS-Plus Resilient MBA™  is available in convenient two gallon pails. Contact your nearest Taylor Distributor or call (800) 397-4583 or (800) 868-4583 for sourcing. To learn more about MS-Plus Resilient MBA™ , go to our web site www.wftaylor.com .

Wagner Meters Offers Complete Line of Moisture Testing Products

Wagner Meters has over 45 years’ experience with moisture-sensing technology in the wood and concrete industries. Their moisture meters are developed with the latest technology and industry standards in mind, and they have been key in setting new standards as technology advances. Wagner Meters understands the balance in providing continuingly innovative products that meet the expectations of the job-site experience.

From the beginning, Wagner Meters’ dedication to customer service meant their products provided their customers with the best possible tools for their practical industry needs with accuracy and economy at the forefront of their innovative designs. Their focus on providing expert advancement in technology along with a deeper understanding of the wood and concrete industries has made Wagner Meters’ products the worldwide standard for accuracy and reliability.

With the appearance of relative humidity (RH) testing for concrete slabs in the mid-1990s, Wagner Meters once again led the field with their original Rapid RH®. Unique to Wagner Meter’s RH test method, their patented Smart Sensor remains installed in the concrete slab, meaning testing with the Rapid RH® does not require re-equilibration time between readings. It’s technologically advanced design quickly raised the bar for testing concrete for moisture content as the accuracy and reliability of their Rapid RH® revolutionized the way the floor covering and building industry conducted their testing.  In fact, the RapidRH® was named Most Innovative Product at World of Concrete in 2006.

With the introduction of the RapidRH® 4.0 with the Easy Reader, Wagner Meters once again offers professionals in the concrete and flooring industries unparalleled accuracy, economy and innovation. Wagner’s proprietary Touch-n-Sense™ technology means the Easy Reader goes to work on contact with any Wagner 4.0 Smart Sensor. Readings became practically instantaneous, while the accuracy and cost-effectiveness remain second to none.

With continuing research into the science and business of moisture detection and measurement, Wagner Meters offers a complete line of moisture testing products and unparalleled customer service for professionals in the flooring, construction and production industries. Learn more about their complete line of products at www.wagnermeters.com .