Scott Moll, technical director of FreeFit, discusses LVT installation techniques at the company’s installation certification class in Boston, Mass.

FreeFit Floors held a resilient installation certification class Dec. 20 in Boston, Mass. at distributor Albert F. Fitzgerald.  Sixty installers were trained and certified in the class, which was conducted by Scott Moll, FreeFit’s technical director.

“By attending our installation certification class, the installer becomes proficient and comfortable with FreeFit’s new LVT technology and installation system,” said Keith Lacognata, vp of sales and marketing for FreeFit Floors.  “We want every installation to be properly installed without any problems.  This is not your regular LVT.  It defies the laws of LVT installation, since it’s 100% dimensionally stable; and if it’s not installed properly, it will not perform as it should.  By an installer becoming certified, if a problem should arise, the issue is handled very quickly due to the fact we know the FreeFit floor was properly installed.”   

During the class, the company also demonstrated its new FreeFit Beveling Tool, which keeps a water-tight seal.  

“The installers were amazed with the tool, and what they can create for their customers,” Lacognata said.

FreeFit’s Gecko Tape was also demonstrated, and Moll explained the role it plays with the FreeFit system.

“The installers loved the fact that unlike the standard LVT adhesive used for perimeter glued installations, there is no set up time with Gecko Tape,” Lacognata said.  “Simply peel the backing off, lay a row down, peel the top layer off and you can begin to install immediately.”