has introduced a custom “Flooring Designer.” The new tool will help customers easily design custom garage floors using the wide assortment of garage tiles the website offers.

“Over the years, our customers have become increasingly creative with the designs they have made in their garage flooring using our garage tile products,” said coo Kurt Leitinger. “A few years ago, the most complex design people would create is a checkerboard pattern. After some time, people also started adding borders to their garage floor designs.” Mr. Leitinger continues, “Nowadays, customers will even go as far as to create designs that create an image like a super hero or video game in their flooring. In order to make this easier to do for our customers, we have developed a custom flooring designer in house so that our customers can create virtually any flooring design quickly and easily.”

There are a wide variety of garage floor tile options available in the online market space today. Tile options include plastic or polypropylene tiles that snap together, peel and stick vinyl tiles, and durable PVC floor tiles that easily interlock.

  “Garage Flooring, Inc. carries virtually every garage tile option available today,” said cto Chuck Chan. “We made it our mission years ago as a company to offer the widest selection available and to always have the lowest prices. However we have also made it our mission to give our customers the best tools possible so that the buying process is as easy and intuitive as possible. We believe this new tool; will help our customers immensely in creating their own personal garage floor tile design.”

“We have received a lot of pictures from our customers over the years showing off their new garage floor. Many of those pictures we have even included on our home page to give new prospective customers ideas on the cool designs other people have already made,” said coo Kurt Leitinger. “We are excited to introduce this new tool that will make the process that much easier for our customers. We are even more excited to see the pictures our customers will send to us in the future.”