The Flooring Contractors Association (FCICA) has announced the educational session topics for its 2012 Convention, which will take place in Savannah, Ga. Mar. 11-14.  

The opening session for this year’s convention will feature Bonitz Flooring Group president and ceo Harold Chapman as the keynote speaker.

Educational Session Topics:
  • Educational Session 1 - Warranty Provisions - Sloan Bailey, Flynn/Williams LLP Join FCICA’s legal counsel, Sloan Bailey, as he reviews flooring contractor and manufacturer warranties and discusses how they are applied and enforced in the courts.  Sloan will provide an overview of several common problems, including job site conditions, changes to the work, and how long the obligation lasts. 
  • Educational Session 2 - ANSI to ISO: Improvements in Performance Evaluation - Mike Granatowski of MAPEI The objective of the presentation is to explain how the changes in the tile industry require that need for performance evaluations.  The presenter will show the major differences between ANSI and ISO and how they affect the long term of the installations.  Attendees will get an understanding of how ISO Standards compliment ANSI Specifications but are more specific to describing the performance of the mortars.  They will be able to differentiate the various types of adhesives and grouts for a specific application or special need of a project.  
  • Educational Session 3 - Moisture, Subfloors and their Effect of Commerical Floor Covering. Moderator Gerry Swift of Mike's Flooring Companies.  Featuring panelists Ralph Grove of Commerical Floors and Interiors, Kevin Phillips of nora systems, Inc. - Jason Spangler of Wagner Meters A discussion about real world moisture problems in the life of the commercial flooring contractor.  This will also include a discussion and demonstration of the proper installation and usage of Rapid RH 4.0 moisture test for concrete floors.
  • Education Session 4 – Best Practices for productivity and project management to include responsibility of general contractors to deliver a floor covering ready jobsite.  Presented by Pete Lamore, Bonitz Flooring Group This session will focus on how projects are successfully managed in the field from the flooring contractor's perspective, to hold or increase profits. 
  • Educational Session 5: Associate Member Table Top Trade Show
  • Education Session 6 - Moisture Enhanced Adhesives - Sim Crisler of LGM & Associates An overview of the adhesives and technologies in the market that allow the flooring contractor to execute a warranted installation of moisture-sensitive flooring over substrates that are outside industry accepted parameters for moisture and pH.  
  • Education Session 7 - Cork Floor Installations - Don Jewell of Capri Cork This session will provide a general education on cork flooring.  They will discuss where it comes from, how it’s harvested and how it is turned into commercial grade flooring.  They will discuss where it is applicable in a commercial setting and some of the features and benefits.  They will then go into a hands-on demonstration on how to install cork flooring using water-based contact adhesive and then finish with a discussion on how to finish and maintain cork floors. 

For more information about the FCICA Convention, please call (248) 661-5015 or visit FCICA’s website at .