The North American Building Material Distribution Association (NBMDA) is excited to announce the launch of a new program that will provide immediate benefits to both distributor and manufacturer members of its Cabinet Industry Distribution Alliance (CIDA) membership segment.

Through NBMDA's partnership with WarehouseTWO, an internet-based inventory-sharing solution, members can access an online community of authorized distributors handling the same branded products as themselves. This community of like- distributors can be leveraged by members to source items needed to fill customer's needs and/or post slow-moving items from their current inventory. This formalized program of inventory-sharing offers increased efficiency and revenues for NBMDA-CIDA distributor members.

With this tool, members gain access to cabinet hardware inventory available from other participating NBMDA-CIDA members, and have an expanded marketplace for their own inventory. Participants can expect to:
  •   Gain additional sales by making select inventory available to peer distributor.
  •   Improve customer satisfaction by leveraging the inventory owned by peer distributors.
  •   Reduce unwanted inventory by making it available to peer distributors.

”This is a powerful new service that will truly benefit our participating members,” said Kevin Gammonley, Executive Vice President of NBMDA. "NBMDA members can greatly increase customer satisfaction while at the same time increase profitability by treating their fellow members as both new customers and new suppliers," stated Gammonley.

“It is an excellent means of leveraging your peer network and gaining tangible benefit from the CIDA distributor communities,” said Gammonley. The new program will initially feature communities based on branded, decorative and functional cabinet hardware and related accessories. Additional product categories will be added over time based on member feedback.

Distributor members of NBMDA's CIDA segment can register an account today at , based on which brands of cabinet hardware they are authorized to distribute. Once registered, members gain access to a private community created exclusively for distributors and can begin posting excess inventory immediately. Members can easily and quickly train their staffs on the features of the WarehouseTWO platform through free training webinars offered each month. Interested distributors can find registration information as well as a training schedule on the Distributor Profitability page on NBMDA's website.