Amtico International has developed a recycling program for its post-consumer resilient flooring.   Any Amtico or Spacia brand product can be returned to Amtico International’s Madison, Ga. manufacturing facility, where it will be recycled into new luxury vinyl tile flooring or downcycled into products such as floor mats, plastic wood and traffic cones.  Previously installed flooring, uninstalled material and samples are accepted.  Flooring that cannot be recycled due to adhesive or screed contamination is downcycled to other products via collaborations with several recycling partners.

Amtico currently recycles 100% of Amtico and Spacia scrap and trim to produce product backing that is 100% post-industrial recycled content.  Total product weight for recycled material is 32% for Amtico and 29% for Spacia flooring made in the U.S.  The post-consumer material gathered through the new recycling program will be incorporated into product backing and increased as waste stream permits.  All Amtico and Spacia floors are FloorScore® certified for low VOCs and may contribute to LEED.

Amtico International launched the recycling program in an effort to encourage material recycling and conservation.  The company continually seeks opportunities to minimize or eliminate its impact on the environment at every stage of product life cycle. Its ISO 14001 and 9001 certified manufacturing facility in Madison, GA has reduced its carbon footprint through a continuous quality improvement process that has reduced waste and water and energy usage.  The company also streamlined operations to reduce its carbon footprint at a new manufacturing facility in Conyers, Ga., which is ISO 9001 certified.   A company-wide sustainability program emphasizes effective use of materials, increased use of recyclables, increased plant efficiencies, improved process controls, efficient use of energy and resources, and sustainable development.