The Balta Group will again be present at MosBuild, the largest trade exhibition for the building and interiors industry in Russia, at Design & Décor Week from April 2-5 in Moscow in Russia. Balterio will show its new PXP [PressXpress] fold down system and collections for the season of 2012 and 2013.

PXP [PressXpress] is the new fold-down system for fitting the short sides of flooring panels. The clip inside the plank ensures an immediate locking of the short sides resulting in a seamless and strong joint, according to the company. PXP [PressXpress] will be introduced in April 2012 as part of the existing collection, Grandeur. It will also be used in the new collections, Infinity and Xperience Plus.

In addition to the new laminate floor collection, Balterio will present a new subfloor assortment. The new subfloors ComfortSound BASE, ComfortSound PLUS and ComfortSound PRO from the Balterio brand all have an integrated humidity barrier against rising dampness and its cutting is made easy thank to the imprint with the Balterio logo, the company noted. The new subfloors are already ahead of the new CEN norm TC134 regarding subfloors, which imposes strict requirements in terms of creep resistance, static and dynamic load.