Baldwin’s Flooring America packed the training area with flooring installers for their first CFI educational event recently. Don Baldwin, Sr., joined by his son, Don Baldwin, Jr, have grown the store to one of the largest in Omaha.

The CFI Team led by Jim Walker, Ed Braile and Alan Ellis spent two days sharing the many aspects of carpet installation. During the opening, Walker said, “You are here because of a commitment you share with Baldwin’s Flooring America to become one of the best in this trade. CFI is here to assist you in enhancing your skills to achieve the top levels of customer service. The installation of carpet requires a great attitude, superior skills and knowledge and a commitment to yourself to do that job right every time.”

Twenty-one installers who possess above-average skills in the installation of resilient flooring tackled every task at hand with the same diligence. Through their expressions and involvement, it was evident they were excited to learn the new techniques and use new supplies and equipment.

“We have been planning to host this event for several years and we see the difference it has made in the installers’ pride. This makes our store more successful. The CFI training is organized and brings the latest information to those who represent our store.  I feel certain we will feel the impact of this for a long time,” said Baldwin, Jr.

“We are known for outstanding customer service. Adding the value of the CFI installation training gives us the cutting edge in this area. We have always been proud of those who represent us, but knowing that they now possess this additional training and skills, brings satisfaction that we can share with our customers,” added Baldwin, Sr.

Alan Ellis, President of Alan’s Carpet and Floors of Council Bluffs, Iowa, and CFI vp noted, “The CFI team involves the group in seaming of various carpets, powerstretching, pattern alignment, unique stair upholstery, direct-glue procedures, substrate preparation and the list goes on. We spend two days and really get to know the installers. They ask questions and offer ideas that have worked for them. Those tips are shared nationwide with others. This is what makes CFI training stand out.”

“I know from the numerous calls we receive at the national office daily that the carpet backing issue is forefront in the lack of information that reaches the installers. We have discussed many of the new entries, but there is not sufficient time to bring everyone up to date. Often, the carpet installers have no information and it is missing from the rolls, and yet the installation is scheduled and must be completed. We do our best,” added Ed Braile, Chairman of the CFI Certification Committee.

“We share tips for the creation of the finest seams and techniques that make seaming fun. I always tell the installers that we should sign our name on every seam as a statement of how proud we are of our work.  They do this with clothing, why not carpet?” said Walker, CEO of the organization.  “This is the type of pride we need in this industry. I commend the Baldwin family in hosting this training.”

“We appreciate the support of the World Floor Covering Association.  Their generosity made it possible for every installer that represents our store to become involved. Working with the CFI office, we offered this opportunity to everyone in this community also. We plan to host another CFI instructional course in the future and highly recommend this training,” said Don Baldwin, Jr.

The CFI website offers a complete listing of events for carpet, ceramic, resilient, laminate and wood flooring.  The CFI Convention set for August 10-12 in Nashville is another avenue for knowledge concerning the installation procedures for all types of flooring. Contact the CFI office at (816) 231-4646 for registrations and sponsor promotional opportunities.