Flexitions, manufacturer and marketer of stainable flexible transition moldings, has developed an innovative and proprietary product line of doorway thresholds for use within residential multi-family housing, commercial and hospitality applications.

Called “Flexitions Forever Doorway Thresholds,” they come with a lifetime guarantee. The Flexitions Forever DoorwayThresholds are designed not to wear, crack, chip, deteriorate or rot and are completely waterproof, according to the company.

The Flexitions Forever Doorway Thresholds are available in multiple wood grain textures along with multiple marbleized décor patterns to provide the look of marble, stone or granite. The doorway thresholds are offered unfinished and prestained and can also be produced in custom colors and custom marbleized décor patterns. The doorway thresholds are available instandard doorway widths and sizes along with specialized widths and sizes for special applications and installations.

“We’ve been working on these doorway thresholds for sometime now. We wanted them to be the best available and in fact unbeatable,” said co-founder Gary Hernandez.

For more information on Flexitions Forever Doorway Thresholds, call (909) 947-5347 or e-mailsales@flexitions.com.