W.F. Taylor has published an Executive Summary on Isocyanates in Urethane Flooring Adhesives, in response to an action plan last April from the U.S. EPA regarding Methylene Diphenyl Dissocyanate (MDI) and Related Compounds.

In the summary, W.F. Taylor recommends an immediate move to "alternative, isocyanate free products" such as those using modified silane (MS) chemistry. The adhesive manufacturer also recommends stronger legislation to limit or eliminate the use of isocynanate-containing flooring adhesives, and for USGBC to eliminate the use of such materials from LEED-certified buildings.

W.F. Taylor added, "It should be recognized that investigations on exposure to certain chemicals, such as this EPA Action Plan for MDI and Related Compounds, can and often do result in the establishment of severe financial penalties for infractions. In the case of products containing diisocyanates, prudent action now to eliminate their purchase and use could save substantial penalties later."