Bosch has launched a full line, for oscillating tools, of titanium-coated segmented and full-circle cutting blades along with a new teardrop-shaped carbide blade for grout and thinset removal.

Titanium coating on the oscillating tool cutting blades increases life by 30 percent thanks to better distribution of heat across the surface of the blade, according to the company. Heavy-duty cutting applications range from light-gauge metal, including metal studs, to fiberglass.

Both half-moon segmented blades and full-size circular blades are available in 2-1/2" and 3-1/4" diameters.

The Bosch 3Max tungsten carbide blade combines a rasp and a carbide blade to cut grout and remove thinset. The teardrop shape allows the blade to remove tile using a rounded edge, flattening the base for thinset and mortar removal using the flat surface, and use of the rasp finger to work in 90-degree corners and other tight spaces, the company noted.

"Oscillating tools represent one of the fastest-growing categories in the power tool market," said Brandon Eble, product manager, Bosch. "One of the drivers of that growth is the variety of accessories these tools can accept. By offering long-life cutting options and high-performance tile accessories, Bosch is providing users with tools that deliver maximum functionality at the jobsite."

Both blades accept the Bosch Oscillating Interface System (OIS) adapter, which means they can be used not only on Bosch oscillating tools but those made by most manufacturers, Bosch noted. For more information, visitwww.boschtools.comor call 877-BOSCH-99.