Braxton-Bragg now offers the Seam Phantom, designed to help fabricators create nearly invisible seams on countertops and other projects, said Product Manager Steve Bussell. 
 “One of the main concerns for an installer is where the seam is going to be. It’s a concern for the customer. Some can be beautiful, but if the seam is not tight and matched correctly, it will take away from all the good work you've done,” he noted.

Designed to fit onto angle grinder/polishers, Seam Phantom holds the polishing wheel at a precise angle. When used with the supplied guide rail, the in and out adjustment allows for precisely dressed edges that can result in a nearly invisible seam, according to the company. It can also be used to correct out of square or rough saw cuts.

“This makes a nearly invisible seam,” Bussell said. “You can’t get your fingernail in there. You can’t get a piece of paper in, either. It’s beautiful. A seam like that is a selling tool.”

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