A recent directive handed down by President Obama will increase the Federal government’s purchase of products made with bio-based content over the next two years. Signature Crypton Carpet is one company that stands to benefit, according to John McIntosh, Vice President of Sales for Signature Crypton Carpet of Dalton, Ga. (www.signaturecryptoncarpet.com)

The Presidential directive requires U.S. federal government procurement offices to purchase more products and supplies that are made with bio-based ingredients. Signature Crypton Carpet qualifies because its carpets include Universal Textile Technologies’ BioCel, a natural oil-based polyol derived from American-grown crops, according to the company. What’s more, using BioCel allows Signature Crypton Carpet to displace some of the petroleum previously used in their manufacturing process.

“We’re excited to be working in conjunction with Signature Crypton Carpet on such high-performance environmentally friendly products,” noted Doug Giles, Vice President of Marketing for United Textile Technologies, producers of BioCel. “This new directive is a win-win for everyone involved. It will mean greater opportunities to grow American eco-friendly manufacturing businesses and create new jobs.”

McIntosh stated that a new collection from Signature Crypton Carpet, the Yellowstone Collection, offers additional eco-friendly products that qualify for this directive due to use of recycled materials and additional displacement of petroleum in the manufacturing process. The Yellowstone Collection is manufactured with Aquafil USA’s newest yarn system, Econyl, a solution dyed nylon made of 100% recycled materials manufactured in Cartersville, Ga. Signature combines Econyl with BioCel to produce commercial carpet that is 82% green by weight.

“We challenged the status quo and have now displaced over 80% of virgin petrochemicals in the manufacturing of The Yellowstone Collection,” said McIntosh. “Signature Crypton Carpet gives back $.50 of every yard of Yellowstone Collection Carpet we sell to The Yellowstone Park Foundation so we can help protect and preserve one of American’s most pristine natural resources.”

President Obama’s new directive augments the foundation of existing Farm Bills passed by Congress in 2002 and 2008. The President’s aim is to foster new and innovative businesses and create job opportunities for places including the rural areas where farmers raise crops used for manufacturing of bio-based products.