CarpetCycle, a post-consumer recycling services provider, said it offers shearing technology that achieves 99 percent nylon purity, housed at the company’s new facility in Newark, N.J.

“As green building becomes the ‘norm’ for both commercial and residential spaces, there is an increasing need for solutions that facilitate sustainable practices from start to finish – and beyond,” said Sean Ragiel, president and founder of CarpetCycle. “CarpetCycle was created to address this need, providing real estate owners, facility managers, architects and homeowners alike the opportunity to reduce their overall footprint while improving their budgets with reclamation services that afford up to 60 percent cost savings.”

In 2011, the company collected and diverted more than 12 million pounds of used carpet and two million pounds of old ceiling tiles from landfills, according to Ragiel. Its services include commercial and residential pickup from 6,000 to 9,000 sq. yds. of post-consumer carpet; residential drop-off for nylon, polypropylene and foam pad; and rip-up contracting to remove existing floors including carpet, carpet tile, vct and ceramic flooring, and prepare surfaces for reinstallation.

Once post-consumer carpet is returned to the facility, it is sorted by face fiber and backing type, including Nylon 66, Nylon 6 and polypropylene, before it is processed in CarpetCycle’s separation system, the company noted.

CarpetCycle was founded in Dover, N.J. in 1999. Since then, it has diverted more than 200 million pounds of carpet from landfills, with projects spanning from Washington, D.C., to Maine. CarpetCycle also recycles ceiling tiles, gypsum wallboard fluorescent lights and vct floor tile to further reduce landfill impact.

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