Lignomat has added new calibrations to their dual-depth meters. The new Ligno-Scanners SDM can measure materials important for floor installations: hardwood, OSB, AdvanTech, plywood, seven different types of bamboo as well as engineered floors. A qualitative scale for concrete moisture is also included.

Since many flooring products are less than 3/4” thick, the Ligno-Scanner SDM can be set for dual-depth, measuring either 1/4” or 3/4” deep. Many advantages come with this meter besides leaving no pin holes in the floor, according to the company. The dual depth feature allows pinpointing moisture distribution by measuring the same location with both depth settings.

The inspector can see if excess moisture is coming from the bottom or from the top of the floor. For more information call 800-227-2105 or find Lignomat at