Stauf Adhesives USA announced that it has reformulated its urethane-based wood flooring adhesive and eliminated the chemical known as isocyanate.

“Our forward-looking chemical engineers in Stauf’s state-of-the-art laboratory in Germany have created a urethane-based adhesive that does not require the traditional Methylene Diphenyl Dissocyanate (MDI) and its related compounds as ingredients in our Urethane Adhesive, PUM-950 Power-Mastic,” stated Wolfgang Stauf, President of Stauf, USA.

Stauf fully warrants PUM-950 for use with any Engineered and Solid Wood Flooring over virtually any approved sub floor. It is packaged in a three gallon pail and coverage ranges from 60-85 SF/gallon depending on the sub floor. Complete information may be found,including a Technical Data Sheet and Warranty information.

Stauf Adhesives products are sold by leading floor covering distributors throughout the United States. Contact Stauf at (901) 820-0007 for additional information.