How well do you know substrate preparation? Take the quiz below to find out.

1.    A trowel is used as a ______________

a)    Shovel for adhesive

b)    A tool to spread adhesive

c)    A mirror to make sure your hair is right

d)    A way of measuring how much adhesive is spread

2.    When is the correct time to use fans on a direct- glue installation?

a.    When you are hot

b.    When you are trying to dry floor prep

c.    When your adhesive will not dry fast enough

d.    When you need air flow added to room

3.    How much open time is needed when adhering tufted carpet with an ActionBac to a wood substrate?

a.    However long it takes to grab a smoke

b.    Five minutes per 100sf

c.    Depends on site conditions

d.    Depends on how soon you need to be at your next stop

4.    The proper trowel notch size for a double-stick installation is _____________ unless otherwise noted by the adhesive manufacturer.

a.    1/16” x1/16”x1/16” square-notch for cushion and 1/8 x 1/8 x 1/16 U-notch for carpet

b.    1/16” x1/16”x1/16” V notch for cushion and 1/8 x 1/8 x 1/16  U notch for carpet

c.    1/8” x1/8”x1/8” U notch for cushion and 1/4 x 1/4x 1/4  square notch for carpet

d.    3/32” x3/32”x1/6” Square notch for cushion and 1/8 x 1/8 x 1/16 v notch for carpet

5.    A power stretcher is not to be used when aligning patterns for a direct-glue installation.

a.    True

b.    False

6.    Which of the following carpets should not be installed using the direct-glue method?

a.    Jute back carpet

b.    Polypropylene back carpet

c.    Wilton-back carpet

d.    PVC back carpet

7.    When the adhesive does not properly adhere to the substrate, it is usually due to

a.    Incorrect open time

b.    Not enough adhesive on floor

c.    Improper adhesive selection

d.    A, B, and C

8.    For an adhesive carpet installation, all edges must be sealed unless

a.    You do not feel like it

b.    You ran out of sealer

c.    The carpet is too thin for sealer

d.    The manufacturer recommends otherwise

9.    ________ are dynamic events in the substrate because they continue to change shape over time affecting a flooring installation.

a.    Cracks

b.    Streaks

c.    Color shades

d.    Solutions

10.    The substrate for a flooring installation must be ____________ and ____________.

a.    Pretty /Colorful

b.    Straight / Narrow

c.    Flat / smooth

d.    Level / Rigid

11.    Just because a floor appears to be smooth does not mean it is ___________, which is more important than smoothness for many flooring installations.

a.    Low enough

b.    High enough

c.    Even

d.    Flat

12.    ________ are the ultimate answer to flat, level floors.

a.    Self-leveling underlayments

b.    Pressure-sensitive adhesives

c.    Double-glue installations

d.    Direct-glue installations

13.    The basic success factor in any self-leveling underlayment installation is the selection of the proper _______________.

a.    Adhesive

b.    Primer

c.    Seam Sealer

d.    Roller

14.    The moisture test to measure moisture emissions coming out of a slab over a 1000 square-foot area in a 24-hour period for resilient flooring is __________________.a.    ASTM F-1869

b.    ASTM F-710

c.    ASTM

 d.    Direct-glue installations

15.    ASTM is an abbreviation for __________________________

a.    American Standards Top Methods

b.    All Standards To Meet

c.    American National Standards Methods

d.    American Straight Timing Method

16.    Resilient Floor Covering Institute is a _______________ that is responsible for the “Recommended Work Practices for the Removal of Resilient Floor Coverings”

a.    Group of Retailers

b.    Trade Association

c.    Installer Group

d.    Flooring Contractor Association

17.    Underlayment is to be installed according to the _________________manufacturer’s specifications.

a.    Underlayment

b.    Flooring

c.    Supply

d.    Carpet

18.    Floor ______________ is not the same thing as floor level.

a.    Flatness

b.    Height

c.    Density

d.    Porosity

19.    When performing a ___________, litmus paper, distilled water and a pH color chart are used.

a.    pH test

b.    Rh test

c.    In-situ

d.    Calcium Chloride

20.     The industry _______________ on moisture emission testing sponsored by the World Floor Covering Association  takes the responsibility of performing the test away from the installer, but requires the contractor to make sure it has been performed.

a.    CRI-104

b.    CRI-105

c.    White Paper

d.    ANSI Standards

Answers1.d., 2.d, 3.c, 4.a, 5.b, 6.c, 7.d, 8.d, 9.a, 10.c, 11.d, 12.a, 13.b, 14.a, 15.c, 16.b, 17.a, 18.a, 19.a, 20.c