ProSource of Chicago hosts two more CFI-WFCA educational events at the Elk Grove location on March 2-3, 2012.  “The CFI-WFCA Laminate and Wood course and the CFI-WFCA Carpet workshop will be filled to capacity,” said Jeff Bernstein Regional Sales Manager for ProSource.  “We believe in continuing education and in providing those who represent our stores with the latest installation guidelines.  By doing so, we provide our customers with what they expect during the installation process.  Because the installers are overwhelming receptive to this type of hands-on education, we are planning to host additional workshops during the summer.”

“The majority of the installers take advantage of the generosity of the WFCA scholarship funds which makes the events affordable for everyone. Working with CFI has proven to provide the dealer with the latest knowledge and techniques for those who service our customers.  In turn, we experience fewer callbacks, enabling our sales personnel to do what they do best; sell flooring.”

Duo-Fast and CFI Louisville hosted the Laminate-Wood Workshop recently.  The course detailed all requirements specific to the installation of these flooring materials.  Bob Gillespie, CFI Master-II and instructor, “Everywhere we go, we hear the same thing; CFI training is the most detailed and installer-oriented program available.  We do pride ourselves on the intensity of the courses because installers increase their skills by becoming involved. Yes, it is major work to prepare, construct the modules and present the latest information, but CFI has proven that when the programs are delivered in a manner that the installers become more actively involved, it is a win-win situation for everyone.”

“Management personnel gain a perspective of flooring installation that is not available at other events.  Because they are actively involved they see through the installer’s eyes the complete flooring installation from the time the diagram or work order is received, through the process of substrate preparation, installation of the flooring and the completion of the work.  It definitely makes a difference.  By doing this, they also receive their CFI Technical Certification and have the opportunity to achieve additional certifications,” continued Gillespie.

“WFCA has become the leader in providing this type of installation training for the entire industry,” stated Alan Ellis. “Their support of the CFI programs has encouraged all professional installers to become involved.  They not only benefit from the training, but the educational materials that they receive throughout the year from the WFCA.  Working together, has made an impact on the industry never before experienced by flooring installers.”

The CFI-WFCA Resilient Course is the most manufacturer-inclusive workshop available.  The CFI Delmarva workshop is scheduled for March 29-30, 2012 at the L. Fishman Training Center in Baltimore, MD.  “Fishman Solutions hosts CFI training events because of our commitment to education.  Everyone wins the flooring installers have the opportunity to be a part of the latest technical information and skills training.”

Baldwin’s Flooring America of Omaha, NE is hosting the CFI-WFCA 2-day Carpet Installation Training Program on March 15-16.  Installers will have the opportunity to learn the latest techniques and work with new tools and products.  “The carpet workshop was the original training offered by CFI and has continued to evolve annually to present the latest installation techniques, backing information and tools that assist installers to be at the top of their game,” said Jim Walker, instructor for the event.

“We are looking forward to hosting this event in our area and invite all local retailers to get involved.  The progress that CFI has made in educational training provides all of us with a cutting edge when working with our customers,” said Don Baldwin, Jr. President.

  CFI-WFCA open educational events including ceramic, resilient, carpet, laminate and wood to be announced shortly include:
  • Elk Grove Village, IL March 2-3  Laminate and Wood / Carpet Workshops
  • Atlanta, GA  March 9-10  Laminate and Wood
  • Omaha, NE  March 15-16 Carpet Workshop
  • Livermore, CA  March 13-14    Carpet Workshop – class full
  • Baltimore, MD  March 29-30  Resilient Workshop
  • Fort Wayne, IN March   Residential Resilient Course
  • Milwaukee, WI    July 13-14   Laminate and Wood
  • Chicago, IL  June 26-27    Ceramic Workshop
  • Nashville, TN  August 9-11        CFI Convention
Fifteen dates soon to be posted in Orange County, Sacramento, Portland, Seattle and other cities on the west coast.

  The CFI-Mohawk Carpet Training and Certification events are scheduled for Des Moines, IA; Baltimore, MD; Bolingbrook, IL; Columbus, OH; Dallas, TX; Dalton, GA; Fontana, CA; and Kent, WA for 2012.  Attendees have the opportunity to obtain the CFI Residential-I Certification and gain extensive knowledge concerning technical information and installation skills specifically to Mohawk. 

Andrew Smith, CFI installer and board member, said, “Working together, we offer more for the Mohawk dealers to give to their customers in the form of quality installation.  These workshops are well attended and provide the opportunity for hands-on training and both CFI and Mohawk certification.”

For more information, visit or call Evelyn Sevilla at (800) 664.2958.