Bostik, Inc., has issued an overview of their polyurethane wood flooring adhesive products and how they relate to the EPA's Action Plan regarding Methylene Diphenyl Dissocyanate (MDI) and Related Compounds from last April.  The statement follows in full:

"Bostik’s polyurethane wood flooring adhesive products contain extremely minimal quantities of residual MDI (0.1% to 1.0%), with very low volatility. Data Bostik has developed with an independent third party establish that these products do not result in any detectable exposure of MDI to applicators, others in the vicinity, or those present after application has been completed.  

"As a participant in a February 2012 meeting with EPA and other industry leaders regarding the April 2011 Action Plan, Bostik is aware that EPA’s focus, consistent with the Action Plan, is primarily with spray foam technologies and high monomer wood working glues, not on low monomer products such as Bostik’s hardwood flooring adhesives.

"EPA has not indicated it intends to ban polyurethane adhesive products that contain MDI, and suggestions that EPA intends to issue fines are completely baseless. To the contrary, at the Feb. 15 meeting,  EPA indicated it will continue to investigate the exposure potential for MDI in products and then will make recommendations for Best Practices around labeling for proper protection and handling during and after products are applied."