Q.E.P. Co., Inc. has announce that its Harris Wood operation has gained accreditation as a "Made in USA" brand. Harris Wood will be displaying the classic red, white and blue Made in USA Brand Certification Mark on all visuals associated with the brand moving forward.

The Made in USA Brand Certification Mark is a brand enhancer that sends a powerful message to conscious consumers who see the advantages of purchasing products that are made in the USA. Since its inception in 2009, the Made in USA Brand Certification Mark has gained widespread acceptance. The number of accredited companies to use the mark to identify their American made products and services has grown to more than 850.

The Made in USA Brand Certification Mark is the only registered certification mark for labeling and identifying goods made or grown in the United States, according to Q.E.P. The certification mark is available for any U.S. business that meets the accreditation standards found atwww.MadeInUSAbrand.com.

“We’re honored to be counted among the companies that have earned the right to use the certification mark,” said Jamie Clingan, Sr. VP Marketing. “We’re convinced this will be good for our business and good for our neighbors, because when people buy American-made products, they create jobs for America’s workers.”