is a new unbiased tool review website that makes the search for the best tool radically easier. does not sell tools therefore it can be trusted to deliver unbiased reviews and accurate statistics to everyone, from DIY’ers to Pros, who need real information about a power tool, the company says. The site features an exclusive Tool Comparison Engine containing statistics on a vast and growing collection of power tools. Side by side comparisons of feature sets will quickly tell the story of how brands stack up against one another. also features a wealth of high-quality videos. These include product demonstrations, manufacturer interviews, and most importantly, product reviews by real do-it-yourselfers and industry professionals. These videos are created simply by putting the tools in the hands of the appropriate users and then having them come back to show and tell what they thought about the tool.

“Our team has put together something that will change the way manufacturers and consumers communicate with each other,” said Tom Klein, vp of marketing and merchandising for ToolSelect. “It will create an atmosphere where real people can help one another make smarter purchasing decisions as well as let the manufacturers know how consumers truly feel about their products.

Manufacturers can also quickly respond to the concerns of their target audience.  “This site will not only change the industry in terms of how products are researched and purchased, but more importantly, how they are made,” says Klein.

Visitors joining the community will have the opportunity to create their own user profile, either through ToolSelect or using their Facebook account.