Mohawk Industries has published a comprehensive report that shows improvement and excellence in nearly every measure of sustainability for 2010, the company said. The interactive report, available exclusively online at, details the company’s commitment to finding sustainable and innovative solutions in every business segment throughout the world with regards to people, places and products.

“Our shareholders, our customers, our consumers and the men and women around the world who make, deliver, sell and support our products are this Company’s inspiration for becoming better every year,” said Jeff Lorberbaum, chairman and ceo of Mohawk Industries. “As our sustainable practices evolve each year, we continue to lead the industry in making positive changes that impact our organization, our communities and our world.”

Mohawk’s sustainable practices are evident worldwide through expansions into new markets that will lower energy costs associated with transporting materials over long distances; through health and wellness initiatives that will ensure a more sustainable workforce; and through recycling efforts that will save millions of gallons of clean water and thousands of trees worldwide.

“From our corporate board room to every individual on the plant floor, this report is really about people working together for a common goal,” said William Kilbride, chief sustainability officer of Mohawk Industries. “Our goal is to make sure that everyone benefits from our sustainable practices in the long run - not only our shareholders - but our people, our customers and the consumer, as well.”

“This is the most comprehensive and complete sustainability report that we have released yet,” said Jenny Cross, global sustainability director of Mohawk Industries. “As a company, we are committed to reporting more information this year, and that’s exactly what we’ve done. Not only is this report more complete, but it is also more personal, with video, interactive stories and a variety of new information that can be found on our website.”