The Flooring Inspectors Educational Guild, in conjunction with the National Wood Flooring Association, will offer a comprehensive three-day wood flooring class May 31-June 2 at the NWFA’s headquarters in St. Louis, Mo.

The class is open to all members of the wood flooring industry, including installers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers and inspectors. The three-day course will teach attendees how to apply wood science, and will be taught by wood scientists from North Carolina State University.

  • The Science of Wood and Moisture – Wood Anatomy
  • Solid Wood – Drying Hardwood for Flooring
  • Checks – Where and how do they happen?
  • Drying Defects –  How do they happen?
  • Site Conditions – Is it Real or Industry Myth?
  • Environmental Issues Affecting Wood
  • Classroom practices to actually see how Rh/t changes and affects the MC and EMC of wood flooring – are environmental conditions a factor or non-factor?
  • The Science and Engineering of Engineered wood -- How is the wood processed?
  • Balanced Construction (BC) - What is a Balanced Constructed Engineered Board or Plank? How does BC affect flooring?
  • How will Moisture and the Environment affect BC?
  • How does Engineered Checking Happen? How to look for the signs to tell you what is happening?
  • Is it delamination or shearing? What are the differences? Can substrates cause shearing? Can low RH cause delamination?
  • Mold and Moisture in Wood Constructed Homes –  What will you see?
  • Industry Standards and Testing Methods – How are the standards important to wood flooring professionals and what do they mean?
  • A Presentation on Adhesive Technology and Terminology – What are the on-site and laboratory testing methods; and the correct terminology to use in our Inspection Reports.
  • Cork – The basic knowledge taught to begin an understanding of the product; sound suppression and installation methods.

This class qualifies for matching World Floor Covering Association scholarship funds. Payment for those wanting to use credit cards can be done within two weeks by paying directly to the NWFA.

To register, contact Lee Tucker at the Flooring Inspectors Educational Guild at (864) 238-5507; email: