The American Hardwoods Promotion campaign, which aims to elevate American Hardwoods as the building and remodeling material of choice, has a new online home at Named the American Hardwood Information Center, the site will serve as the official website of the campaign and a one-stop shop for consumers looking for design and trend information.

The American Hardwood Information Center was originally launched by the Hardwood Manufacturers Association (HMA) as the authoritative resource for consumers seeking information about American Hardwoods. The site will continue to serve in this capacity, providing information on species selection, design trends, care and maintenance, installation, finishing and professional specifying of American Hardwood products, but has been redesigned with a new look and layout for simplified browsing and enhanced functionality.

“This website encompasses a vast amount of industry knowledge for both consumers and professionals seeking information about American Hardwoods,” says Linda Jovanovich, executive vice president for the Hardwood Manufacturers Association, and representative of the campaign.  “From expert tips and photo galleries to tools for industry professionals, the site is informational and inspirational – and we plan to add even more features in the coming months.”

The site features two main sections designed to make it easy for visitors to quickly find the information they are looking for: Admirers and Enthusiasts, with information for consumers and homeowners on choosing, selecting and caring for American Hardwoods, as well as an inspiration photo gallery; and Designers, Specifiers and Professionals, with information about using American Hardwoods in building and remodeling projects.

The revamped site also includes a member’s only American Hardwoods Promotion section featuring marketing and sales tools industry professionals can use to easily promote their business as an American Hardwoods manufacturer or supplier, such as a logo, brand use guidelines, sell sheets and campaign backgrounder.

Another revised feature of the site is the newsroom, offering media the latest press releases, as well as information and resources relating to the American Hardwood industry. The newsroom includes an image gallery, story starters, and an information and trends page. Other features of the site include a species guide, fun facts, insights from industry experts, and information on how to download the American Hardwood species app for iPhones and iPads.

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