The MAPEI Technical Institute (MTI) has released its calendar of training events for 2012.

The MAPEI Technical Institute (MTI) provides the highest-quality, hands-on technical training to architects, contractors, installers and distributors in 5 locations: Deerfield Beach (FL), San Bernardino (CA), Garland (TX) and Dalton (GA) all in the USA; and Laval (Quebec) and Brampton (Ontario), both in Canada.

MAPEI Technical Institute (MTI) offers two different types of training classes:
  • Concrete Restoration Systems (CRS)

  • Basics and hands-on training that focuses on levelers, toppings, moisture mitigation, waterproofing and concrete repair products.
  • Surface Preparation / Floor Covering Installation Systems (FCIS) / Tile & Stone Installation Systems (TSIS)

  • Basic and hands-on training that covers products for surface preparation, moisture mitigation, vinyl, rubber, carpet and wood flooring, waterproofing, crack isolation, tile and stone installation and grouting products.

The cost to attend the training class is $300 for a two-day training (If hotel is not required the cost decreases to $150). In return, MAPEI pays for 2 nights hotel stay, 2 lunches and 1 dinner. Also provided is a $400 rebate coupon on select MAPEI products to be used towards next purchase.

2012 Classes
  • Deerfield Beach, FL

  • Jan. 11-12 = Surf Prep/TSIS/FCIS
  • Feb. 15-16 = CRS

  • San Bernardino, CA

  • Feb. 22-23 = CRS
  • May 9-10 = Surface Prep / TSIS / FCIS

  • Garland, TX

  • April 25 - 26 = CRS

  • Dalton, GA

  • May 23-34 = Surf Prep/ TSIS / FCIS