Flexitions has developed a proprietary product line of Stainable Rigid Transition Moldings specifically designed for use within LVT Flooring applications.

For use within residential, commercial and hospitality applications, the Flexitions Stainable Rigid Transition Moldings are virtually indestructible and made from a proprietary polymeric material specially formulated to provide complete stainability and unmatched durability, according to the company.

The polymeric material provides an “LVT” look and feel. The Rigid transition moldings are available in three natural wood grains and textures and offered in unfinished form, standard prestained colors and custom color options. They’re also available in all transition molding profiles such as quarter round, t-molding, end cap, reducer and stair nose. The Rigid transitions are completely waterproof and come with a lifetime guarantee, the company added.

“Flexitions has a true molding solution for LVT flooring. A product line the industry can count on for years to come,” said Gary Hernandez, Jr., president. For more information, call (909) 947-5347 or e-mail sales@flexitions.com.