To balance function with aesthetics, Johnsonite, the commercial arm of Tarkett and provider of the world’s most integrated high-performance flooring systems, introduces ten new colors to the Space Modular Resilient Tile collection.

To balance function with aesthetics, Johnsonite introduces ten new colors to the Space Modular Resilient Tile collection.

Available in 16 designs, Space offers an array of patterns and applications to complete many diverse environments. From textile patterns ideal for high-end offices and reception areas, to rich wood patterns for office and administration areas, to warm leather patterns – each offers a distinct look.

The versatility of Space allows for installation in every type of setting, offering the ability to mix and match colors and palettes to create a unique, modular space.

Similar to carpet tile, Space can be installed for modular uses by using a releasable adhesive, making it easy to install, remove and reconfigure. This allows for repurposing wherever and whenever needed, and the ability to change interior spaces without causing disruptions to the nearby areas, according to the company. Also, by using Johnsonite’s 925 acrylic adhesive, Space can be installed in more demanding applications such as healthcare, education, retail and hospitality.

An extremely durable, new-generation Polyurethane (PUR) reinforcement layer offers resistance to scratches, stains and abrasions and contributes to its long life with low life-cycle costs. By eliminating a lifetime of labor-intensive cleaning procedures, a measurable savings on maintenance can be expected, Johnsonite noted.

In addition to its underfoot comfort, Space boasts acoustic properties with an IIC rating of 34 and impact and sound reduction of 8dB. The product is made from 33 percent recycled content.

Space colorways are part of the Johnsonite flooring system, which includes rubber, linoleum, homogeneous and heterogeneous vinyl, stairwell solutions, finishing borders and transitions. Every element is designed to work together functionally, aesthetically and logistically.

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