As part of the ongoing commitment to the 2030 Challenge, AIA Seattle (a Chapter of the American Institute of Architects) and the national non-profit Architecture 2030 are pleased to announce a new partnership designed to sustain and strengthen the impact of the AIA+2030 Professional Series.

The AIA+2030 Professional Series is a comprehensive, curriculum that includes ten, 4-hour sessions in the design and technology applications needed to produce highly-resilient, efficient buildings that meet the 2030 Challenge energy and emission reduction targets. The program gives design professionals the knowledge and leverage to create next-generation efficient buildings-providing firms with the skills that will set them apart in the marketplace, just as consumer and client demand for energy savings is swelling to record proportions.

Beginning in July 2012, to better serve the national AIA+2030 Professional Series, Architecture 2030, will assume the management and support for the series. AIA Seattle will continue to have its own locally-produced program.

“Architecture 2030 has been a tremendous partner to our AIA components through the creation and dissemination of the AIA+2030 Professional Series”, said Lisa Richmond, Executive Director of AIA Seattle. “This change offers a great opportunity to expand the leadership of AIA+2030 to better represent all our components.”

The AIA+2030 Professional Series was launched by AIA Seattle locally in 2008 in partnership with BetterBricks, the City of Seattle and Architecture 2030, where it soon became one of the chapter’s most popular programs and attracted the attention of other AIA chapters across the country. Under AIA Seattle’s leadership, the program has grown on a national scale with 22 AIA chapters and organizations from around the country now offering their own AIA+2030 programs, reaching 29% of total AIA membership.

“Working together, the AIA chapters have helped build a comprehensive national program that both distinguishes members as leaders and positions them to take advantage of the new energy future” said Edward Mazria, Founder and CEO of Architecture 2030. “These management changes will enable an even more effective partnership and collaboration.”

According to AIA Seattle and Architecture 2030, the sharing of national and local responsibilities through the new partnership agreement will ensure the best possible delivery of training services to design professionals throughout the nation. Both organizations agree that the time is right for an expanded educational outreach promoting the next generation of tools in the creation of energy-efficient design.