Gmaxx, a new, unique line of saw blades which uses advanced technology in both its coating and grinding processes, has been introduced to the North American market by Guhdo, a l German, cutting tool manufacturer. Gmaxx saw blades incorporate an electrostatically applied coating, which is thinner, stronger and more uniform over the body of the blade. Blades are manufactured using a proprietary grinding process for precision-balanced blade bodies. The unique Gmaxx coating is designed for use on table saws, radial arm saws and chop / miter saws.

David Kerr, Group Vice President at Guhdo GMBH, states that, "Gmaxx represents real, meaningful advances in saw blade technology. We wouldn't have introduced the line unless we had product that significantly raised the bar." Kerr ends with, "Guhdo's fine worldwide reputation for precision cutting tools is more than aptly represented in the Gmaxx brand and we're really excited about the line's reception among commercial and custom furniture manufacturers, woodworkers, contractors and remodelers in North America."

Experts agree that heat caused by friction is one of the most detrimental performance factor of saw blades. This heat causes instability with a resulting loss of both tension and leveling. Eventually, heat exposure causes blades to deform and the deformity creates unwanted cut variations and decreases run times. The Gmaxx coating reduces friction and protects the blade body from rust and resin build-up. Other features of the Gmaxx blade include: proprietary grinding process which results in precision balanced blade bodies; no sensitivity to solvent cleaners; earth-friendly coating contains no harmful chemicals; blades can be easily cleaned with water and detergent; coating will last the life-time of the blade under normal, blade use; noise reduction slots.

Gmaxx blades are available in a variety of specifications, from 7-1/4" to 14" dia. for numerous applications ranging from rip and cross cutting, and includes blades designed for plywood, laminate, solid surface, and steel. Gmaxx blades are available at select e- and retailers.