AtFCI,we want you to read every article in each and every issue, of course, but we recognize that an installer on the job is constantly busy. If you only have time to read two articles right now, on break, we definitely recommend our interview with Bob Wagner, president of Fishman Flooring Solutions, and our wide-ranging Tool Time feature with input from several adhesive and underlayment manufacturers across the industry.

That’s not to give our other articles or columnists short shrift; our writers are among the top experts in their respective fields, and their job is to share with you the tips, tricks and techniques that can positively and immediately impact the way you conduct your business. The same holds true for this issue, so set aside some time and be sure to read their insights and perspective.

However, again, if you are pressed for time at the moment and want a quick impression of this issue, you cannot do wrong reading the Wagner interview (starting on pg. 14) and the Tool Time story (starting on pg. 22). Why am I giving these two stories special consideration in this space? Because Wagner answers some very pertinent and provocative questions about the state of the installation industry and where it is headed, and the Tool Time feature this month enjoyed wide participation from companies eager to share what they know.

Let’s delve into the Wagner interview a little bit first. As you may already know, the distributor Fishman Flooring Solutions in May announced that its employees had purchased 100 percent of the company’s stock, making it an entirely employee-owned business. Our interview with Fishman’s president touches on what this means for Fishman and its customers, and Wagner also generously offers his views on the challenges facing the installation segment, the role of technology and new product development, and other issues facing both distributors and installers. (Also in this issue, the Board of Directors of the National Association of Floor Covering Distributors pens a guest column about the important bond between installers and distributors. See that story beginning on p. 28.)

As for the Tool Time article, I was very excited to see such a wide range of companies participating in the story, whether through images, sharing some great tips, or both. I learned a lot about the installation of adhesives and underlayment through talking to these people, and my hope is you also come away with some new ideas to try while on the job.

Keep those trowels sharp.

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